Sabrina Butler Visits St Augustine

 As we ponder the future of the death penalty in our state of Florida, we learned firsthand what can go wrong. We heard the astonishing story of Sabrina Butler  —an exoneree and nationally known activist — she spoke this weekend at  the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, on 2487 A1A South, St. Augustine.

The Sabrina Butler Story

In 1989 a black teenage mother in Mississippi, Sabrina Butler, tried to revive her infant son, who had stopped breathing.  Then she rushed him to the hospital, where doctors also failed to revive him.    Because of bruising from her efforts,  she  found herself   convicted of murder and child abuse and was sentenced to death row.  In 1990  she was given a new trial, and  several years later she was exonerated of all wrongdoing. She is the only woman in the United States exonerated from death row.

Sabrina Butler has devoted her life to advocating abolishment of the death penalty. Today, Sabrina still lives in the same town where she was convicted, with her husband Joe Porter and three children. She speaks as often as she can to the public and media about her heartbreaking and moving story, and has recently published a memoir, The Sabrina Butler Story. Learn more about her ordeal at: o or order a copy of Sabrina’s book at: