A Conversation with Two Authors

First Coast.TV got to sit down with authors Judith Y. Sherrer and Derek B. Hankerson. We had a conversation about their new book “Belonging: The Civil War’s South We Never Knew”.
It is their second book of a trilogy, with the third book still to come.

New Book on “Vilano and the North Beaches”

Sallie O’Hara talks about the new book “Vilano and the North Beaches”.                      We also talk to Mary Lou Usina who was born in Vilano.
Many came to purchase and have their books signed.

An Interview with Vanessa Hurst

Author and Compassionate Louisville community builder Vanessa F. Hurst discussed how to live a more aware, compassion-centric life yesterday Wednesday at 7 pm. The event was sponsored by Compassionate St. Augustine and there was no charge to attend. It was held at St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church on the corner of M L King Ave and Lovett St., St. Augustine.
Ms. Hurst, the author of “Engaging Compassion Through Intent and Action and the coordinator of Compassionate Louisville’s awareness campaign, holds a graduate degree in natural healing. She uses the metaphor of a bridge while teaching simple techniques for integrating compassion into daily actions.
She believes, “Compassion is a hot commodity. We don’t want to keep it. We want to give it away. But, we get busy. We miss opportunities to share compassion. The connection between our compassionate intent and action is lost. How do we reconnect our intent to our action? By building, sustaining, and walking across our bridge of intent and action.”

She was kind enough to give First Coast.TV an interview after her lecture.

Bill Belleville visits St Augustine

Bill Belleville is an environmental writer, documentary filmmaker and lecturer. He came to St Augustine Amphitheater conference room to give a lecture that revolved around his new book “The Peace of Blue”.

The room was packed and the audience was extremely receptive to his message.
The lecture was made possible by the Matanzas Riverkeeper.
FirstCoast.TV was able to sit down with Bill Belleville, and have a chat with him after the lecture.

Some of his books are:
“Salvaging the Real Florida: Lost & Found in the State of Dreams”
“Deep Cuba: The Inside Story of an American Oceanographic Expedition”
“Sunken Cities, Sacred Cenotes and Golden Sharks: Travels of a Water-Bound Adventurer”
“Losing it All to Sprawl: How Progress Ate my Cracker Landscape”
“River of Lakes: A Journey on Florida’s St. Johns River”

His work on documentaries includes:
“In Marjorie’s Wake: Rediscovering Rawlings
“Searching for Xanadu”
“Conch Cowboys”
“Wekiva: Legacy or Loss?”

He received the Order of the South award.

For more info go to: www.billbelleville.com/