Deux Saisons in St Augustine

Keri Lee Pierson soprano and Christopher Schoelen on the guitar will perform as the duet Christopher Schoelen at the Grace United Methodist Church on Sunday, September 29th at 3pm. First Coast.TV went to listen and get to know Deux Saisons before their upcoming performance.

Hispanic Culture Film Festival Gears Up for October

The Hispanic Culture Film Festival gears up for October and know through its website and facebook page you can stay in tune with its coming events, tickets, films and much more.

Sing Out Loud Fest 2019 – Sept 8 – Highlights

Sunday was another beautiful day of sunshine and music. First Coast TV did the rounds of the Sing Out Loud Festival 2019, and here are the highlights.

Sing Out Loud Fest – Sept 7 – Highlights

Once again First Coast TV hopped around the venues of the Sing Out Loud Festival and here are some highlights.

Sing Out Loud Opens with a Bang! Sept 6 Highlights

First Coast TV cruised around town on Friday Sept 6 to get the pulse of the Sing Out Loud Festival. Here are some highlights. Enjoy.

St Augustine; Are You OK?

First Coast.TV on Wednesday at 11am, wandered into the streets of St Augustine, FL to see the effects of hurricane Dorian, who was still affecting the city with winds and rain. At the posting of this story the rain and winds had started up again.

St Augustine a Ghost Town as Dorian Approaches

On Tuesday afternoon First Coast TV biked through St Augustine and took a look at a city that has become a ghost town as it waits for hurricane Dorian. Stay safe.

Exotic Bird Show

St Augustine Exotic Bird Expo is an Exotic Bird event bringing a unique variety of vendors and bird breeders. Great place to get a new feathered friend, cages, toys, supplies and food all in one place for sale to the public. Here are some highlights of the expo held at the Mark Lance National Guard Armory on San Marco Ave in St Augustine, FL.

Honoring the Fallen of the 2nd Seminole War

The 12th Annual Commemoration of the end of the 2nd Seminole War was held in St. Augustine on Saturday, August 17, 2019. The event featured a parade and a ceremony at the pyramids at the National Cemetery to honor all those who perished in that conflict. The parade began at 10:45 a.m. at St. Francis Barracks, and then proceeded to the National Cemetery. Historical re-enactors in period costume participated in the parade, and members of the public were welcome to join them. In 1842, officers, soldiers, and musicians paraded through the streets of St. Augustine to inter the casualties of the war in the gardens of the St. Francis Barracks. Three coquina pyramids were erected in the cemetery at that time to mark the burial place of more than 1,400 soldiers who died during those wars. The pyramids are known as the Dade Monument after Major Francis L. Dade, who was a leader in the Seminole Wars. This annual heritage event was organized by the West Point Society of North Florida and The Seminole Wars Foundation.

Milonga at Odd Birds Loft

Thanks to all those who contributed photos and video on the lovely Milonga (gathering of tango dancers) at Odd Birds in St Augustine, FL, held this July 31st. A wonderful showing of dancers of Tango and Salsa, also thank you to Cesar Diaz of Odd Birds for his kindness and making Odd Birds available for this event. It went so well we are planning another on August 28th.