St Augustine Fashion Week 2018 – Day One

From March 3 to 10, 2018, St. Augustine Fashion Week events have and are taking place in the nation’s oldest city. St. Augustine Fashion Week will bring together creatives in the fashion, design, art, and nonprofit fields in support of a number of causes.

This stylish event will feature runway shows by local small brand designers, who will showcase their latest collections. The spotlight event are the three nights St. Augustine Fashion Show being held at the St. Augustine Record building Thursday through Saturday, March 8–10, 2018. This Fashion Week event will feature 16 designers who will be featured in nightly shows over the course of this 3-day event. Tickets may be purchased for individual days of shows, or for the duration of this 3-day event. VIP passes are available.

In addition to the runway shows, food and drinks will be provided for fashion-week goers by local vendors, including wine provided by the San Sebastian Winery and craft beers provided by Ancient City Brewing. A cocktail hour with food and drinks are included with all ticket purchases.

Local charitable organizations associated with past St. Augustine Fashion Week events include the Alpha-Omega Miracle Home, SAYS St. Augustine Youth Services, INK Invest in Kids, Daniel Kids, and the Betty Griffin House St. Johns County Shelter for Abuse and Violence. The fashion week events also benefit arts organizations in St. Augustine, including the Lightner Museum and St. Augustine Art Association.

Searle’s Sack in St Augustine

Searle’s Sack, the annual event that re-creates the famous bloody pirate raid on St. Augustine in 1668, took place on Friday and Saturday, March 2 and 3, 2018.  This deadly raid was led by Robert Searle when he and his crew laid siege upon the city and its inhabitants.

This living history event, presented by Searle’s Buccaneers and the Men of Menéndez (both members of Historic Florida Militia), is made up of three parts: a historic procession of participants on St. George Street on Friday evening, a historic encampment on Saturday at the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park, followed by the reenactment of the battle at 4:30 p.m. in the city’s historic district.

The reenactment of the battle between the freebooters and the city’s Spanish defenders took place in St. Augustine’s historic district at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 3, beginning at the Plaza de la Constitución and ending at the Old City Gate. The English brigade headed up St. George Street from the Plaza toward the city gates, and the battle started when the English try to invade the Spanish defenders who were stationed at the Santo Domingo Redoubt off Orange Street across from Potter’s Wax Museum. Living history got real when the period re-enactors demonstrated how the Spanish settlers had to fight off Searle and his pirates.

Background on Searle’s Raid – In 1668, Captain Robert Searle and his privateers sailed from Jamaica to loot the silver ingots (metals that can be shaped into various things) held in the royal coffers (small chests) at St. Augustine. Under the cover of night, they slipped into the harbor and attacked the sleeping town, killing sixty people and pillaging government buildings, churches and homes. The devastation wrought by these pirates prompted Spain’s Council of the Indies to issue money to build a massive stone fortress on Matanzas Bay to protect the city. The Castillo de San Marcos still stands as an enduring reminder of Florida’s gripping heritage.

Corazon Cinema & Cafe Oscars Party 2018

Corazon Cinema & Cafe hosted its Oscars party again this year. It is an event that everyone looks forward to, especially if film is your thing. This party is about film, fashion, champagne and rooting for your favorite actor, actress or film genre. This party was sold out and if you ever get a chance to attend you will know why.

The Minorcan Heritage Celebration 2018

The Minorcan Heritage Celebration 2018 marks the 250th Anniversary of the arrival of the Minorcan colonists in St. Augustine. This heritage event took place on Saturday, March 3, 2018, from 10am to 3pm, at The Llambias House located at 31 St. Francis Street. The event featured engaging activities, traditional foods, music, dancing and more. Admission was free.

This celebration includes descendants from the original Minorcans in St. Augustine, all sharing traditional dances, songs, stories, family photos, Minorcan family crests, and traditional crafts, as well as demonstrations of mullet net making by Mike Usina. There were also  programs in the downstairs room of the Llambias House featuring speakers. Food at this event included delicious variations of pilau, Minorcan chowder, fromajadas and different baked goods were also available.

The term “Minorcan” describes the group of Mediterranean people (about 1400 in all) who came to British East Florida in the late 18th century to work as indentured servants on a plantation settlement in New Smyrna. Many of these were actually from the island of Minorca, but they were joined by many others who were from other Mediterranean towns and regions, including Greeks, Italians, Corsicans, French and Spanish. Their first several years in Florida were harsh and their numbers decreased, but in 1777 they were granted a space to settle in the northwest section of the fledgling port town of St. Augustine. They have been an integral part of the community of the nation’s oldest city ever since.




The Narrow Awards and the Launch of SAMHOF

On Sunday night, Feb. 25th at Sarbez, Narrow Magazine honored the St. Augustine music scene with the inaugural launch of St. Augustine Music Hall of Fame (SAMHOF) at this year’s Narrow Awards!

 It’s been over 450 years in the making, but a Saint Augustine Music Hall of Fame has finally launched!

This launch was the first part of the 2018 Narrow Awards, paying homage to the amazing and rich history of the Saint Augustine music scene. Special guest performers helped to kick off the SAMHOF!
Here was the night’s schedule:
7pm to 8pm – Red Carpet and Photos! They welcomed EVERYONE to come out in their best (or funkiest, or rock n roll best) dress for photos, and the rest of the hoopla.
8pm to 10pm – St Augustine Music Hall of Fame was launched. There were special performers, introductions, and presentations. Recognizing the history of Saint Augustine music. For more information, see their Facebook page.

10pm to 12:30am – 2018 Narrow Awards. Recognizing some of the music events and people of 2017. With performers:

Walt Kulwicki
Salt and Pine
Teresa Rose
Flagged Van

For more info go to

Annual Bellydance Festival 2018

The Sweetheart Gala is an annual Bellydance Festival. The event featured top notch instructors and Master Teachers.
The 2018 Sweetheart Instructors were:
Ahmed Hussien
Tarifa Salem
Ranya Renee
Jennifer of Orlando
Lacey Sanchez
Alicia Bellycraft
Gina Marie
The festival was held at Holiday Isle Oceanfront Resort. The 2018 Gala featured a lovely Friday night welcome Hafla with casual performances, amazing vendors, a Saturday evening showcase, raffles and more! The festival suffered severe set backs in 2017 due to damages sustained by Hurricane Matthew, but they are back on track and better than ever!

Ancient City Cat Club Show 2018

The Ancient City Cat Club presented its 3rd Annual Cat Show on Saturday and Sunday, February 24 and 25, 2018, at the Solomon Calhoun Community Center.

Over 145 pedigreed and household pets were judged in each of six rings each day. Spectators were welcomed to walk through the benching area and talk to the owners of the cats. Photography of the cats in the rings was encouraged, and photography of the cats in the benching area was at the discretion of each respective owner.

In addition to vendors selling cat related items, there were fundraising raffle and lunch and breakfast options each day. Wags and Whiskers were on site with cats and kittens for adoption.

Made St Augustine 2018

Made in St. Augustine was the culmination of all things local. On February 11, 2018 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Francis Field, this handcrafted festival celebrated everything made in the nation’s oldest city. This curated event showcased St. Augustine, who creates, crafts, constructs, produces, educates, cooks and bakes. The one-day annual festival featured artisans, builders, chefs, distillers, vintners, farmers, and anyone who “makes” in St. Augustine. Made in St. Augustine® provided attendees the opportunity to sample cuisine and beverages from dozens of local restaurants, supplied visitors a unique shopping opportunity in a market-like atmosphere, educated attendees about the area’s historic and cultural offerings, and supplied aspiring makers instructional opportunities through adult workshops and junior make-and-take stations. Entertainment and fun activities completed the festive environment geared toward the whole family.

Ancient City Cat Club Show 2018 Coming Soon

The Ancient City Cat Club presents its 3rd Annual Cat Show on Saturday and Sunday, February 24 and 25, 2018, at the Solomon Calhoun Community Center. Over 125 pedigreed and household pets will be judged in each of six rings each day. Photography of the cats in the rings is encouraged, and photography of the cats in the benching area is at the discretion of each respective owner. Wags and Whiskers will also be on site with cats and kittens for adoption. First Coast.TV got a chance to speak with Granada Gelin and Micheal Rothfeld about the upcoming cat show.

Lincolnville Museum honors 5 St. Augustine Living Legends

The Lincolnville Museum and Cultural Center (LMCC) honored five St. Augustine Living Legends for valuable service to their community, during an award ceremony at the Lincolnville Museum on Sunday, January 28 at 2:00pm.
Otis Mason, the 89-year-old former first Black St. Johns County school superintendent and his wife Myrtis will be recognized as leading figures in the promotion of education equality and Black history in St. Augustine. Dr. Dorothy H. Israel, who has enriched St. Augustine with her pioneering contributions in social work. Janie Young Price, the first Black Registered Nurse at Flagler Hospital and an early leader in the fight for paycheck equality. Jimmie Jackson, a badly beaten civil rights activist who became the first Black lineman for Southern Bell in St. Johns County.
All five made enormous contributions to St. Augustine, as much in their chosen careers as through the struggles they fought against racial hatred, workplace inequality, and civil injustice.
First Coast News Anchor Jessica Clark was emcee of the ceremony and luncheon.