Execution Vigil at St Augustine Beach

Where do you stand on capital punishment?
An Execution Vigil took place in front of the St. Augustine Beach City Hall, corner of A1A and 16th Street, St. Augustine Beach on Thursday, February 22nd at 4:30 to 5:30 p.m.. The vigils also took place in Gainesville, Starke, Jacksonville and Bunnell on that same day. Some feel that the system that sends a person to the death chamber, is unfair, imperfect and too costly.

InterGen 2.0 – Adults and Youth Speak the Issues

An enlightening and encouraging panel of adults and youths met Friday evening at the Lincolnville Museum and Cultural Center: “Intergen 2.0 – The Challenges Facing the Pursuit of Justice and Equality.”
Students from Creekside H.S., Ponte Vedra H.S., Nease H.S., and Murray M.S. joined adults to discuss their experiences and attempt to reach common ground and understanding on the issues of justice and equality. Mayor Nancy Shaver opened the event; Gayle and Floyd Phillips hosted; Dr. Dorothy Israel gave her inspiration; Derek Coghlan moderated; Jim Henry was videoing; Pat Chiapetta energized, Joe Chiapetta directed traffic; Amy Goldin helped staging; Gracie Best performed her show-stopping Slam Poetry; Elizabeth Erpelding-Garratt provided delicious hors d’oeuvres. Sue-Ellen Gamble Mosler, owner of Uppity Art, 67 S. Dixie Hwy., St. Augustine, sponsored the event.
First Coast.TV put these highlights of a fantastic three hour event together, so please enjoy.

Celebrity Guest Baker at The Sweet City Cupcakes

This month’s celebrity guest baker at The Sweet City Cupcakes was Adam Morley. Take a peek to see how he did among all those mouth watering cupcakes.

SJCC Social Media Workshop for Artists

The St Johns Cultural Council is providing a free Social Media Workshop on February 24th 2018, on Saturday at 10:30am. The workshop will take place at The Cultural Center of Ponte Vedra Beach, 50 Executive Way, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.

Please call (904) 669-5670 for more information. Come and learn how to use these free social media platforms to your advantage.

First Coast Opera “The Stranger’s Tale” and “I Pagliacci”

First Coast Opera presented “The Stranger’s Tale” and “I Pagliacci”, two operas interwoven into one production, at Lewis Auditorium on Saturday, February 10, at 7:30 p.m. and on Sunday, February 11, at 2:00 p.m.

First Coast Opera Artistic Director Curtis Tucker is the author of The Stranger’s Tale, which tells the story of a single day in New York City’s Central Park and serves as the first act of the paired opera. A single storyline connected the action between this tale and Ruggero Leoncavallo’s I Pagliacci, which makes up the second act.

The Stranger’s Tale begins with a homeless man (Lou Agresta) sleeping on a park bench and recounts his interactions with other people in the park. In the second act, Canio’s Clown Show (the troupe from I Pagliacci) arrives. Songs and characters are intertwined between the two parallel storylines. The Stranger’s Tale is sung in English, while I Pagliacci is sung in the original Italian.

Cast members included Elena Galván, Jamison Walker, Daniel Bates, Sarah Beckham-Turner, Sean Christopher Stork, Gregory Gerbrandt, Daniel Bates, and Dirk Gavin McCoy. First Coast Opera Artistic Director Curtis Tucker serves as the conductor and stage director, and an orchestra of 19 musicians accompanied this production.

Made St Augustine 2018

Made in St. Augustine was the culmination of all things local. On February 11, 2018 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Francis Field, this handcrafted festival celebrated everything made in the nation’s oldest city. This curated event showcased St. Augustine, who creates, crafts, constructs, produces, educates, cooks and bakes. The one-day annual festival featured artisans, builders, chefs, distillers, vintners, farmers, and anyone who “makes” in St. Augustine. Made in St. Augustine® provided attendees the opportunity to sample cuisine and beverages from dozens of local restaurants, supplied visitors a unique shopping opportunity in a market-like atmosphere, educated attendees about the area’s historic and cultural offerings, and supplied aspiring makers instructional opportunities through adult workshops and junior make-and-take stations. Entertainment and fun activities completed the festive environment geared toward the whole family.

Ancient City Cat Club Show 2018 Coming Soon

The Ancient City Cat Club presents its 3rd Annual Cat Show on Saturday and Sunday, February 24 and 25, 2018, at the Solomon Calhoun Community Center. Over 125 pedigreed and household pets will be judged in each of six rings each day. Photography of the cats in the rings is encouraged, and photography of the cats in the benching area is at the discretion of each respective owner. Wags and Whiskers will also be on site with cats and kittens for adoption. First Coast.TV got a chance to speak with Granada Gelin and Micheal Rothfeld about the upcoming cat show.


The second Intergenerational session will be held at the Lincolnville Museum and Cultural Center on Friday February 16. There will be a social hour from 5:006:00. The Roundtable discussion starts at 6:00, we have until 9:30.

The theme of the Roundtable is “The Challenges Facing the Pursuit of Justice and Equality.”

Here is a “roster” of Roundtable : Nease H.S. : Vivia Morley, Ajay Sarma, Fareeha Abrar. Creekside H.S.: Amaia Vargas and Lauren Maxam Ponte Vedra H.S.: Isabella Uribe, Jasmine Hurtt, Anna Auchter The Webster School : D. Wideman Alexius Ferguson : Community Partner School Director at the Webster School Andrea Clark : NAACP, Educator, Women’s March Carol Holtz : Vice-Chair, St. jJohns County Democratic Party; President, Hastings Democratic Club Daniel Carter : College Student, Community Activist Dr. Dorothy Israel : Educator, Author, Community Activist Felicia Proia : Certified School Psychologist, Secretary, St. Johns County Young Democrats Nyk Smith : Business Owner (The Corner Market in Lincolnville), NAACP Officer Mr. Derek Coghlan (Nease H.S. Faculty Member) ; Moderator.

Lincolnville Museum honors 5 St. Augustine Living Legends

The Lincolnville Museum and Cultural Center (LMCC) honored five St. Augustine Living Legends for valuable service to their community, during an award ceremony at the Lincolnville Museum on Sunday, January 28 at 2:00pm.
Otis Mason, the 89-year-old former first Black St. Johns County school superintendent and his wife Myrtis will be recognized as leading figures in the promotion of education equality and Black history in St. Augustine. Dr. Dorothy H. Israel, who has enriched St. Augustine with her pioneering contributions in social work. Janie Young Price, the first Black Registered Nurse at Flagler Hospital and an early leader in the fight for paycheck equality. Jimmie Jackson, a badly beaten civil rights activist who became the first Black lineman for Southern Bell in St. Johns County.
All five made enormous contributions to St. Augustine, as much in their chosen careers as through the struggles they fought against racial hatred, workplace inequality, and civil injustice.
First Coast News Anchor Jessica Clark was emcee of the ceremony and luncheon.

Venardos Circus Comes to St Augustine Tonight Show

The St Augustine Tonight Show will have a special edition on January 31st at 2pm, under the tent of the Venardos Circus, all are welcome to be part of the live audience, and get to know Kevin Venardos and his troupe of performers. The tent is located on the parking lot of the St Augustine Amphitheatre. Come and meet this amazing circus.