The Battle of Bloody Mose

Fort Mose in St. Augustine is the site of the first legally sanctioned free African American settlement. While the fort itself no longer stands, the site it stood on still feels full of the groundbreaking history that was made there. In 1738, the Spanish governor of Florida chartered the settlement of Gracia Real de Santa Teresa de Mosa, or Fort Mose. This was the very first of its kind, because it was built specifically for those people fleeing slavery from the English colonies in the Carolinas. The 1740 Spanish victory at the Battle of Bloody Mose is reenacted annually in St. Augustine. This was the 277th anniversary of the battle, and the event was presented by Florida Living History, Inc., and the Fort Mose Historical Society from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 15, 2019, at Fort Mose, just north of historic St. Augustine. Visitors could participate in the commemoration of the battle and enjoy reenactments of the 1740 battle that forced the British to retreat from Spanish Florida. Reenactments of the battle itself took place at 12:00 noon and at 2:00 p.m. Other activities occurred throughout the day, with musket demonstrations and colonial Florida craft-making stations, including blacksmithing, 18th-century foods, finger weaving, and pine needle basket weaving. There were also a variety of free children’s activities, plus food and craft vendors. Before and after the battle, visitors could enjoy interacting with volunteers in period dress while they step back in time and experience what it was like on the fateful day before the big battle between the British, who were occupying Fort Mose, and the Spanish from the Castillo. Scenes include Yamassee natives preparing for battle, British soldiers planning the surprise attack of the Castillo de San Marcos, and British General Oglethorpe and his forces encamped at Fort Mose.

Salsa at the Galimore Center

Luis and Marta Caballero are bringing salsa to St Augustine. It is very affordable and their teaching technique is easy and stressful free. Marta also brings a display of lovely shoes for those salsa dancers that feel they need the best tools for the art of salsa. They are presently conducting beginners classes and hoping to start an intermediate class soon.

Gigs for Musicians

St Johns Cultural Council (SJCC) is putting up a workshop/presentation for musicians. Its goal is to get musicians to have some better understanding on gigs, pay, tours and so much more. It’s a must for musicians starting up and the people who promote them. It will be held Thursday, June 20th at Sarbez, at 530-630pm. All are invited and its FREE. Please share this video segment with fellow musicians.

Angela’s Common Health Story

Angela Stewart is fighting cancer, and as many other Americans had health insurance. She also ran into the typical roadblocks that so many others run into, as the system becomes more expensive, more complicated, and throws the patient who needs to heal into a world of stress and an unpredictable financial future.

St Augustine Tonight Season 3 Show #13

ur last show this last Thursday May 30th at Garrett Bros. Home Decor was a real shinny gem. Our guests were from the West African Drum Circles Michael Thomas, activist and author Sandra Parks, from the Jacksonville Symphony Jorge A. Peña, and musical guests Flo.Wav. The show was catered by Natasha Olivera of City Bistro and drinks provided by IWS (International Wine & Spirits).

Dancing Stars SJC 2019 Gets Ready

First Coast went to Arthur Murray Studio to see the first dancers to participate in the Dancing Stars of St Johns County 2019. They were all there to find out all that it entails to be a dancer in this event. Lots of positive energy, and they got a sample of the different styles of dance they can choose from for the event. The proceeds of this event is to benefit SACSPA (St Augustine Community School of Performing Arts, Inc) and help it to continue its current serving of hundreds of community members including St Augustine Youth Services (SAYS), THE PLAYERS Championship Unit of St. Augustine, Boys & Girls Club of Northeast Florida and Coquina Crossing Chorale. Their long term goal is to establish an educational organization where they can provide quality musical education to under-served youth through gifted interns and master instructors.

St Augustine Tonight Season 3 Show #12

Another awesome St Augustine Tonight show #12 this last Thursday May 23rd. Our guests were journalist and author Andrew Nagorski, general director of the Hispanic Culture Film Festival Eugenio Maslowski and musical guest Alberto Cebollero. Our caterer was Bakersville Bread Company. A very educational and witty show, the music was Jazz on the guitar.

Eli Talks About St Johns River Life

David Eli Grimes talks about St Johns River Life. He tells us why and what it is about and where you can engage with his product.

St Augustine Tonight Season 3 Show #11

Thursday, May 16th the St Augustine Tonight Show had awesome guests, film producer and author Ward Clayton, from Urban Asado Nick Carrera, journalist Jessica Clark, actor and playwright Lee Weaver giving us comic relief, and musical guests The Raisin Cake Orchestra. Catering provided by Sebastian Sikora of Dessert First Bistro.

Dance Kaleidoscope at Romanza Festivale

Dance came to Lewis Auditorium during the Romanza Festivale 2019.