“A Mother’s Love” sung by Angels

A celebration and honoring for our Mothers. This concert performed on May 9th, was about love, the first love we experience from our mothers, the love the is the foundation of any family unit. The North Florida Women’s Chorale sung settings of “Ave Maria” and songs from many cultures that celebrate mothers. This concert included the St Augustine Youth Chorus as special guests. It was fitting that we combined the voices of women and children to sing about motherhood and family.


José Feliciano Canta en San Agustín


Primera Costa TV (First Coast.TV) tuvo la opportunidad de hablar brevemente con José Feliciano en San Agustín después de su concierto para el comienzo del Festival de Romanza. 8 de Mayo 2015.

Jose Feliciano Comes to St Augustine

First Coast.TV got to meet and greet the great Jose Feliciano at the St Augustine Amphitheater on Friday night, May 8th, as part of the Romanza Festival.


St Augustine Cruisers 13th Annual Show

St Augustine Cruisers had their 13th Annual Car & Truck Show on May 2nd, at Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind on San Marco Ave, in St Augustine, FL.
The St. Augustine Cruisers Car Club is a family-oriented car club that began in the mid-90’s when four old-car enthusiasts got together. The small group grew quickly and they decided to officially become a car club. In 2001, the St. Augustine Cruisers were organized to promote interest in various types of special auto activities, create good fellowship and sportsmanship among the members, and to support charities. The St. Augustine Cruisers is a 501(c)4 non-profit organization.


A Few Words with Bishop Felipe J. Estevez

First Coast.TV sat down with Catholic Bishop Felipe J. Estévez and talked about his life, work and the 450th celebrations in St Augustine.

On April 27, 2011 Pope Benedict XVI named Auxiliary Bishop Felipe J. Estévez the tenth Bishop of St. Augustine. He was installed on June 2, 2011 at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Jacksonville.

Prior to coming to the Diocese of St. Augustine, Bishop Estévez oversaw the Archdiocese of Miami’s Ministry of Pastoral Services and Lay Apostolate, which includes youth and young adult ministry, campus ministry, rural life, family life, prison and respect life ministries, airport and seaport ministries, as well as, all the apostolic movements and lay associations.


Unas Palabras con el Obispo Felipe J. Estévez

Primera Costa TV (First Coast.TV)
Tuvimos la oportunidad de sentarnos con el obispo Felipe J Estéves y hablar sobre su vida, la iglesia y San Agustín. Realmente fue una conversación de lo más interesante y esperamos en el futuro poder hablar más con el.

Mons. Felipe de Jesús Estévez, quien ejercía como obispo auxiliar de la diócesis de Miami, EE. UU, fue nombrado por el Santo Padre obispo de Saint Augustine, también el estado americano de La Florida, al norte de Miami, en cercanías de Jacksonville, la ciudad universitaria del Estado.

Según las estadísticas de la Iglesia, en una población de casi dos millones de personas, Saint Augustine cuenta con mas de 171.000 católicos, atendidos por 136 sacerdotes, 118 religiosos y 62 diáconos permanentes.

Texas Governor Rick Perry Prepares to Visit St Augustine

Derek Hankerson from First Coast.TV talks with William Korach about Rick Perry’s visit on May 14th and the Republican Party in St Johns County.

A Thank You Message From First Coast.TV

First Coast.TV thanks its viewers as it hits its first 6 months on the web. It thanks all the people who have been so supportive of all its stories and endeavors. It also will improve the quality as new cameras, sound equipment and more is added.
We also thank our staff and let everybody know that we are open for advertising, with a whole new approach.

North Florida Women’s Chorale Prepares for Concert

The North Florida Women’s Chorale prepares for its May 9th Concert by this event at World Golf Village.

In May we celebrate and honor our Mothers. This concert will be about love, the first love we experience from our mothers, the love that is the foundation of any family unit. The Chorale will sing settings of “Ave Maria” and songs from many cultures that celebrate mothers. This concert will include the St Augustine Youth Chorus as special guests. It is fitting that we combine the voices of women and children to sing about motherhood and family. As part of your celebration, bring your mother to this charming concert.


Farm Share Helps St Augustine Families

Farm Share’s mission is to alleviate hunger and malnutrition by recovering and distributing fresh and nutritious food to those who need it most.

Farm Share, using inmate labor and volunteers, re-sorts and packages an abundance of surplus food and distributes it to individuals, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, churches, and other organizations feeding the hungry in Florida — free of charge. This important distinction makes Farm Share critical to small community groups, located in poor neighborhoods and rural areas, which cannot afford to pay for food. By tapping into a vast supply of donated produce, we keep our costs low, while providing fresh fruits and vegetables and other nutritious food to the hungry and food insecure. However, the fact that we do not require our community partners to share the burden of our expenses makes Farm Share more reliant on donations from the public. If you do not help, we cannot help. Millions of Americans suffer from hunger and malnutrition. As family income levels decrease, funds available for food diminish, resulting in nutrient-deficient diets. America’s children and elderly are most severely affected by hunger and malnutrition.