The Oscars at the Corazon

The Corazon Cinema & Cafe once again had its Oscars party, with red carpet, photo shoot, appetizers, champagne, live entertainment and prizes . The event is one well dressed crowd, having lots of fun in an eclectic movie  ambiance.

These Oscars had a surprise ending.

Film “No Asylum” Moves Hearts and Minds

No Asylum: The Untold Chapter of Anne Frank’s Story – A Documentary Film

Anne Frank’s father, Otto’s recently discovered letters reveal new information about the family’s struggle to obtain visas to save themselves from the clutches of the Nazis. The world turned its back on the Franks and millions of others. Leonard Berney, who liberated Bergen Belsen where Anne and her sister Margot perished, relates the harrowing story. Something of a prequel to Anne’s iconic diary, No Asylum shares unknown details of the Frank family’s story before they went into hiding in the attic, and is a call to action for tolerance and respect.

The Gamache-Koger Theatre at Flagler was packed to see this film, which was made possible by Compassionate St. Augustine, Compassion in Action and the Golden Way Films.

Dr. John Young gave an introduction to the film and a Q & A after.

Voices of the St Augustine Film Festival

Sunday Jan.22nd was the closing day of the SAFF. First Coast.TV was given access to the many people behind the films of the SAFF. Here are some of their comments and observations about their works, and about the St Augustine Film Festival. The festival was very successful, bringing large crowds, some events were sold out, some films got standing ovations, and the weather was absolutely lovely.We can not wait for the next one.

Comments of Praise for the SAFF 2017

The St Augustine Film Festival 2017 Centerpiece Party at the Markland House brought many guests for drinks and hors d’oeuvres. First Coast.TV got a chance to speak to some of the guests and get their comments and observations about the SAFF 2017.

The Many Faces of the St Augustine Film Festival

The St Augustine Film Festival 2017 opened officially on Friday January 20th, to a crowd at Lewis Auditorium and to the Romanian film Two Lottery Tickets. Though the Festival is only on its second day and goes until Sunday, we at First Coast.TV must state that this Film Festival has been a wonderful success for St Augustine and for film in general as a visual genre loved by the residents and visitors of this community. We went to see the faces of some of those who came to support this lovely cultural endeavor.

HUMAN Pre-Opens St Augustine Film Festival

The impressive, powerful and a tour de force film Human was presented at the Gamache-Koger Theater at the Ringhaver Center as the pre-opener of the St Augustine Film Festival. The theatre was packed and audiences were turned back as not a body more could enter the theater. First Coast.TV was able to speak to Joe Marx, Chris LeClere and Gregory Von Hausch as some of the people behind the event. After the film there was a Q & A. First Coast Tv had the privilege to see it and must confess that it truly was a wonderful piece of humanity, hope and love.

St Augustine Film Festival and Mr. Von Hausch

The St. Augustine Film Festival is coming our way and featuring three days of 40 films from 20 countries from January 19 through 22, 2017. First Coast.TV got a chance to sit down and speak with Gregory Von Hausch.

Forty films from 20 countries will be screened during this international festival, including A Wing and a Prayer (Israel), Una Noche de Amor (Argentina), Two Lottery Tickets (Romania), and One Wild Moment (France), just to name a few. Go to to get more info and purchase tickets.

Films will be screened at three locations downtown: Lewis Auditorium, Gamache-Koger Theater, and Corazon Cinema & Café. See below for addresses for all locations.

Kevin Kehrwald’s Lecture: Prison Films

Hollywood movies about prisons have shaped our public perceptions of justice, mercy and redemption. 

On Wednesday, Nov.16th, Professor Kevin Kehrwald, expert on the genre of prison movies, lead the program to show us the messages within these films.

“Prison Films: Justice, Punishment and Reforms”

Shawshank Redemption

Escape from Alcatraz

The Defiant Ones

The Green Mile

Compassion In Action Co-Sponsored this event with Golden Way Films and other groups.

Cinema Verde Comes to The Corazon Cinema

Cinema Verde St. Augustine is an international environmental film festival that took place on October 21-23, 2016, at The Corazon Cinema and Cafe in St. Augustine, FL. Some of the films:

  • The Messenger
  • Normal is Over
  • Time to Choose
  • In Search of Balance
  • Dying Candle
  • Banking Nature
  • Paradise Island
  • Kaziranga
  • The Z-Nail Gang
  • The Flamingo Factory
  • Colors of Life
  • My Hottest Year on Earth
  • Women are the Answer
  • Coastal Dune Lakes: Jewels of Florida’s Emerald Coast
  • This Changes Everything
  • Hope for All
  • Food for Thought, Food for Life
  • Waterback Paul
  • Earth Speaks
  • Shorts by the Maui Huliau Environmental Filmmaking Club

Go to for more details.

“Salam Neighbor” a Film That Immerses You in Another World

Salam Neighbor is an award-winning film and campaign to connect the world to refugees. This film immerses you into the life of a Syrian refugee through the journey of Chris and Zach as the first filmmakers allowed to be registered and given a tent inside of a refugee camp. This film is brought to the community by The Golden Way Project: Films That Make a Difference attempts to use the medium of film to educate the public about various social issues in the hopes of nurturing an environment conducive to understanding, compassion and forgiveness. The name of the project is based on a Gandhi quote “The golden way is to be friends with the world and to regard the whole human family as one”. First Coast TV got a chance to speak to Joe Marx and the panel that would have a discussion with the audience after the film.