The October First Friday Concert (October 16 at 7 pm) at the Cathedral Basilica featured the St. Augustine Chamber Singers, directed by Kathleen Vande Berg and the St. Augustine Youth Chorus, directed by Kerry Fradley. The concert was presented by over sixty singers and accompanied by Barbara Mattingly and Henry Keating with instrumentalists Joe Yorio on clarinet and Jack Miller, percussionist.

The concert was entitled “This Pretty Planet” and included songs extolling the beauty of the earth as well as those concerning stewardship of the earth and its resources.  Poetry by Langston Hughes, Edna St. Vincent Millay and Archibald Lampman were sung in settings by contemporary composers.  Eatnemen Vuelie, Song of the Earth, which was featured in the movie, Frozen, was performed featuring the Scandinavian musical expression, yoiking.  A concert highlight was the klezmer favorite, Gonna Get Through This World, by Woody Guthrie featuring klezmer-style clarinet and a refrain for everyone to sing.

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