On May 13th and 14th, Saint Augustine Ballet’s newest original production, Alice in Wonderland, came to the Lewis Auditorium. Artistic Director Luis Abella explained, “Children have always related to Alice – her curiosity and her bravery in the face of a bewildering new world. For this show, we have brought together an exciting mix of contemporary dance styles and eclectic music that will appeal to adults just as much as children.”

Artistic Director Luis Abella

Choreography by Emily Masson. A musical score sourced from all over the globe – from classical and romantic, to American jazz, steam punk, North African percussion, and exotic middle-eastern strains, the music had something for everyone.

Tap dance and choreographer, Jenne Vermes

Costumes by Parisian-native, Virginie Lorang-Woodward.

Head of scenic and lighting design, Robert O’Leary

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