Saturday December 5th

Previously known as the Britsh Night Watch, this year the monarchs of Spain and Britain have declared a truce.  The event is now be known as the Colonial Night Watch and the Torchlight Parade commenced at 7PM from the Castillo to the City Gates.  At the City gates, the public was invited to fall in behind the re-enactors for a procession down St. George Street to the Government House. The colorful parade features historic re-enactors representing Spanish and British military units, Native Americans, and Florida militias of the period 1739-1785. Once they reached Government House, participants were greeted with a welcoming speech at the Government House, followed by the firing of the “Volley of Joy” by the soldiers and militia and the singing of traditional Christmas carols to ring in the holiday season.  Assembled troops then marched back towards the Taberna Del Caballo and the Bull & Crown Tavern to be dismissed.

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