St. Augustine Easter Parade 2019

The full St Augustine Easter Parade 2019

“Bakersville Bread Co.” Family Bakery with European Flair

Bakersville Bread Company is a family owned bakery with a European flair. Joe, Clare & Hannah Dold present an eclectic European bakery with touches of Jewish and Caribbean flavors at times. Do not let the word bread in their name fool you, there are plenty of exotic sweets, from Quesaditos from Puerto Rico to German Stollen Xmas cake and even good old German Pretzels. Their quality is top. Check them out and I guess you will be hooked.

Commemoration 50th Anniversary of Vietnam War Veterans 2019

The Corazon Cinema and Cafe was the venue for the 50th Anniversary Vietnam War Commemoration Ceremony. The keynote Speaker was LT COL (RET) Barry Bridger, who was a prisoner at the Hanoi Hilton for over 6 years. His message was powerful and thought provoking. Authorized by Congress, established under the Secretary of Defense, and launched by the President in May 2012, the Vietnam War Commemoration recognizes all men and women who served on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces from Nov. 1, 1955 to May 15, 1975. Nine million Americans served during this period, and the Commemoration makes no distinction between Veterans who served in-country, in-theater, or were stationed elsewhere during those 20 years. All answered the call of duty. This year NCA will participate in honoring Vietnam Veterans during the week of March 23 – March 31, 2019. During the event there was a presentation of Certificates of Honor.

Festival of Chariots 2019

St Augustine, as one of the oldest continuously occupied cities in the United States, is home to a rich history, diverse culture and cosmopolitan values. It is a befitting place for the Festival of Chariots which was held, as one of the oldest continuously held multicultural festivals in the world. In these times of uncertainty between nations, races, classes and cultures, a common platform for equality is needed, to inspire humanity towards peace, freedom and friendship.

The Festival of Chariots (Rathayatra) is the celebration of inviting into people’s hearts the Lord of the Universe (Sri Krishna – the All-Attractive One / Sri Jagannatha – the Master of the Universe) of Whom we are all a part. By offering a little service to the Lord, we can awaken our dormant love for Him within us. By watering the root of the tree all the branches are nourished. Similarly when service is given to the Lord of the Universe, all living beings become satisfied. This is known as Bhakti-Yoga, connection to the Lord through devotional service. By singing, dancing, cooking, feasting, decorating and having meaningful discussions about the glories and beauty of the Lord and His presence in our lives, we find a common platform for achieving peace, friendship and lasting happiness.

Chariots comes from the cultural heart of India, this ancient Ratha Yatra festival is an offering they bring to beautiful beaches, campuses and parades across Northern Florida.

“I Hear America Singing” Concert

“I Hear America Singing” was a tribute to Americana and focused on folk songs, patriotic pieces and iconic works by the likes of Bernstein, Gershwin, Copland and others. For the first time the St. Augustine Community Chorus (Michael Sanflippo, Director) with the St. Augustine Orchestra (Scott Gregg, Artistic Director) came together to celebrate the milestone 70th Anniversary of the St Augustine Chorus as a perennial favorite in this city. There were more than 100 musicians on stage.

Mary Hubley at the Rotunda

Mary Hubley is an internationally recognized award-winning coastal artist. Her beach and marsh landscapes are dramatic yet soft, with rich colors and soft edges. She lives on a Florida island where there is a never-ending source of salt water inspiration for paintings. Her travels have taken her throughout North America, Asia, and Europe, where she is incessantly drawn to painting other coastal locales. Hubley spent many years doing corporate art and book illustration. She has won awards in international art competitions, most notably first place in the Smithsonian Institution’s WaterWays exhibit, an award of excellence in a 2018 National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society (NOAPS) exhibit, and an honor award in the 2018 Richeson75 Landscape show. Her work has appeared in two Richeson75 books, two “Best of America Artists” books, and “American Art Collector” magazine. She gives regular painting workshops and sells her work through prominent U.S. art galleries. Her art is now at the Rotunda at the St Johns Administration Bldg. at 500 San Sebastian View, St Augustine, FL.

I Hear America Singing

I Hear America Singing is a tribute to Americana and focuses on folk songs, patriotic pieces and iconic works by the likes of Bernstein, Gershwin, Copland and others. For the first time, come hear the St. Augustine Community Chorus with the St. Augustine Orchestra to celebrate the milestone 70th Anniversary of the Chorus as a perennial favorite in this city. There will be more than 100 musicians on stage. March 16 &17 at Lewis Auditorium, St Augustine.

Local Tea Party Supports Republican Teens

On Tuesday the local St Augustine Tea Party had their regular meeting at diner Village Inn on US1. They invited the Republican High School Club to their meeting to discuss an issue over a question on a school test that has created a sort of a backlash. The students were there to explain the whole series of events concerning this issue.

Oscars at the Corazon

The Corazon Cinema and Cafe had its sold out Oscars celebration party at the Corazon. This event is truly a spectacular one, filled with fun, trivia, wonderful food, and lets the champagne just flow freely.

Ancient City Cat Club Cat Show 2019

The Ancient City Cat Club is back with their 4th annual Cat Show (Feb. 23 & 24, 2019). Over 125 pedigreed and household pets alike were judged in each of six rings each day. Spectators were welcome to walk through the benching area, admire the felines, and chat with owners about their cats. Vendors were selling cat-related items throughout, and there was a fundraising raffle as well as lunch and breakfast each day. Local rescue Wags & Whiskers were on site with cats and kittens up for adoption.