No to 7-Eleven Rally in Saint Augustine, Florida

The Brave Show Up and Make a Stand

First Coast.TVʼs cameras covered a classic David vs Goliath confrontation on Sept. 28th 2014, as a small contingent of St. Augustine citizens made their voices heard loud and clear, as they stood by the empty lot on the corner of May Street and San Marco Avenue, in peaceful protest to the possibility of an upcoming 7-Eleven.

Their goal is to stop the construction of such, which already has a permit from the City of St Augustine to make the project possible, and now awaits for a permit from the FLDOT. One can not but admire these individuals’ resolute perseverance against the odds.

They might be few in number, but they represent the interests of all the people who reside in the neighborhoods along May St, and San Marco Avenue – and the residents of Vilano Beach who collectively will have to endure the increase of traffic, and congestion, so many folds more than the present, if this 7-Eleven comes to be a permanent structure on that already congested corner.

This modest but brave and courageous group of individuals, seem to also be looking out for the many mothers and children, who frequent this hectic intersection to access the carousel and library. Not to mention the students of the School of the Deaf & Blind who also walk along this area.

To see the hundreds of vehicles pressing their horns in solidarity, was heart warming and just amazing. First Coast.TV can only humbly tip its hat to these concerned citizens.

In the words of Nelson Mandela, “It always seems impossible until its done.”

Jorge L. Rivera