A Gift from the City of Aviles

City officials from St Augustine, FL, and Aviles Spain got together at the Visitor Information Center to receive a gift from Aviles, Spain. The gift is an exact replica of the ship the “San Pelayo”. This was the flagship that brought Pedro Mennedez of Aviles to the coast of Florida, to then establish Saint Augustine, and the rest is history.

Mayor Nancy Shaver of St Augustine, FL, and Mayor Pilar Varela Diaz of Aviles, Spain, were present for this important event. After receiving the gift, the two city mayors signed an Obelisk Art 450 resolution proclaiming that Compassionate St. Augustine and Compassionate Aviles are initiating a joint Obelisk Art 450 public art tribute to the 450th.

The joint project will consist of an artist exchange where a St. Augustine artist will travel to Aviles, Spain to paint one of the city’s obelisks in March.

Sometime this year, Aviles will send an artist to St. Augustine to do the same.

FirstCoast.TV got a chance to have a word with both Mayors about this gift.

For more info go to www.staugustine-450.com or www.compassionstaugustine.org/