The Cathedral Basilica is a Renovated Masterpiece

The Cathedral Basilica in St Augustine, FL will open to the public on Saturday the 28th of March at 2pm, so that public can see the renovations that took 8 months to accomplish. The Cathedral Basilica has a fresh and beautiful new look, First Coast.TV was able to talk to Father Willis and Mr Baker, the man in charge of coordinating the task of renovating the Cathedral Basilica. First Coast.TV was able to take a peek to the lovely work done here.

Karla Wagner and the Corazon Cinema & Cafe

First coast.TV sat with business owner Karla Wagner and had a chat about her Corazon Cinema & Cafe in St Augustine.

Rachael Bennett and St Johns County

First Coast.TV and Dereck Hankerson sat down to have a conversation with Rachael Bennett, and speak about St Johns County. They talked about the progress in St Johns County, population increase and the challenges ahead.