A Good Heart Goes For The Lighthouse Record

Peter Robertson takes the tower we call the St Augustine Lighthouse, which in height is equivalent to a 14 stories building. His goal was to climb it over 28 times, which is the actual record. His optimistic goal is to climb it 40 times or more. his wife Susy was there, his trainer Luis Herrera and the rest of his support team. First Coast.TV was there to witness the feat, and talk to him and his trainer.

The Creature of 1955 Comes Alive at the Corazon Cinema

The Corazon Cinema threw a wonderful party to celebrate 60th anniversary of the filming of this film at Marineland. First Coast.TV was there to film the fun of it all.

Revenge of the Creature (1955) is the sequel to the Creature from the Black Lagoon. This time he’s captured by scientists and transported to an aquarium in south Florida. Of course, he’s attracted to the lovely female scientist and manages to escape and kidnap her, heading to Jacksonville.While the scientists, police and others try to stop him.