Dedication and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony At VA Clinic

The St. Augustine Community Based VA Outpatient Clinic, run by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, opened a new location last Monday. The clinic’s temporary location at 195 Southpark Blvd, St Augustine, in St. Johns County is now open, according to Cindy Snook, a VA spokeswoman. The clinic, which is a modular facility, hosted VA Dedication and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Friday,30 Oct. 2015 at 1100 am, at the new Interim CBOC location.

The Vote “NO” Speaks Out

First Coast.TV gave those who decided to vote “No” in the referendum, a chance to speak out on why they have decided to cast a “No” vote for the 1/2 cent tax increase. So Mr. Peter Royal volunteered to briefly articulate his thoughts on his reason why he casted a “No” vote on this referendum.