Coming Soon “The Shooter” a Play by Lee Weaver

On September 29, Lee Weaver will be debuting a new play, “The Shooter – Gun Violence in America” at The Corazon Theater. The Corazon, formerly Potbelly’s, is a fine eatery and great place to take in any number of grand events and movies under the direction of its owner, Karla Wagner.

“The Shooter” brings Nanette to the mic again, this time as Joan Blake (Director) who with her husband Bill (Producer) is making a documentary for Public Television, in which nine persons relate how their lives have been dramatically changed because of the gun violence. 

“The Shooter” – will address the issue of gun violence, our national nightmare and shame, in a very meaningful way. Thursday, Sept. 29 is the date. It will be for just one night! If it goes well, we’ll do it again.

 Any questions? FB or 904-687-8779. Please feel free to share or forward this video. Thanks much.