The Prayer Wall was constructed on November 7th with over 150 “stones” each weighing between 25 and 60 lbs.

The Prayer Wall on the Commons at St. Cyprian’s” – inspired by the Western Wall of the Second Temple in Jerusalem.  The Western Wall is part of the foundation of the Temple that was destroyed by the Romans in 70CE.  Devout Jews pray at the Western Wall and put prayers written on pieces of paper in the cracks between the large stones.  The Prayer Wall on the Commons at St. Cyprian’s will be available to people of all faiths (and those who have no formal connection to a faith tradition) to place their prayers, concerns, special thoughts, and blessing on pieces of paper in this sacred structure.

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  • caribbeanweddingevents 5 years ago

    Thanks for covering this project, First Coast TV.

  • JOE FINNEGAN 5 years ago

    Proud to be part of this church community!


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