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Born in NYC and raised between the city and the island of Puerto Rico, Jorge has traveled a good part of the world. Enjoying people, culture and cuisine and always curious for more. A political junkie with a passion for Argentine Tango, Jorge brings his love of film, politics and his interest of people with stories to First Coast.TV.

FirstCoast.Tv is an online video news outlet, whose intention is to cover the unfolding events in the first coast area considered news.

Our mission to inform, educate and to keep our audience appraised of causes that affect us all as a community, from Ponte Vedra to Crescent Beach, with our hub being the City of St Augustine.

Our goal is to talk to the people causing an event and those affected by it, whether that event be a concert in the park, a new city ordinance or a structure being built.

Shining a beacon of light to the truth of an issue is an weighty responsibility, that we will not shy away from and absolutely welcome.

We welcome any information on events, causes, and ideologies that will have an impact on our city. Our slogan represents the bedrock that our business is built: “When It Matters, We’ve Got You Covered”.

Contact us to have your message broadcasted!

  • Marcus E Williams 3 years ago

    St. Johns County 4-H Clubs are coming together to honor St. Johns County veterans. This year the Pathfinders club will honor 10 local veterans for their service to our country.

    The Pathfinder club will host this year’s Veteran Dinner on Sunday, November 10th (5p-8p). Prior honorees are welcome. This year’s event will also feature a Community Service Leader Award. The event is catered by local chefs. Please RSVP to (386) 227-6432 or pathfindersclub4h@gmail.com


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