Conversation with Mayor 12 Days after Hurricane

First Coast.TV sat briefly with Mayor Nancy Shaver 12 days after the hurricane, and talked debris, tourism and mosquitoes.

Hurricane Relief Concert at Center for Spiritual Living

The 1st Annual Octoberfest this last Sunday, Oct. 16th turned into the Hurricane Matthew Relief at the Center For Spiritual Living, in St. Augustine. Admission was a food or fund donation to go directly to the St. Johns Food Pantry. Everything collected was donated! It was a night of great music and great friends! The musicians were outstanding and brought all those happy feet to the dance floor. Shirley Williams-Collins was there for First Coast.TV to release her camera magic on the crowd.

A Conversation with Two Police Chiefs

St Augustine Police Chief Loran Lueders is retiring Nov.30th 2016 and Assistant Chief Barry Fox is stepping into that position on Dec.1st 2016, First Coast TV felt the urge to talk to them both while they were still serving our community of St Augustine, and this is what they had to say.

The House that Tree Missed and the Cleanup

First Coast.TV went by a house that dodged a monster tree and from there on to neighborhoods cleaning up, like Lincolnville & Davis Shores. The spirit among those doing the cleanup is high, and grateful to be alive and hopeful for the future.

What Happened to Sweet Vilano?

First Coast.TV headed to Vilano Beach to see the effect of hurricane Mathew on this lovely beach community. What we saw was heartbreaking.

The Morning After Hurricane Matthew

First Coast.TV survived  Hurricane Mathhew in the city of St Augustine, as so did many others who decided to stay in the city and ride the storm. But many left the city to find refuge with friends, family, and to city shelters. The morning after the hurricane First Coast.TV went down San Marcos Ave from the North City section to the historical center of St Augustine and this is what we found.

Are You Ready? Matthew is Coming!

First Coast.TV cruised the streets of St Augustine before hurricane Matthew hits. Are you gone or ready?

Mayor Shaver’s Hurricane Message

St Augustine Mayor Nancy Shaver delivers a message on First Coast.TV to residents of St Augustine to prepare for the possible hurricane. Listen to the warnings and take safety precautions. the threat is REAL.

Wheather will get worse as storm nears our coast.

Meditation Flash Mob 2016

A group of our community in St Augustine organized by Jessica O’Connor – Fusch, sat in silence holding the space for peace for 30 minutes at the NW location of the Fort Castillo de San Marcos. They prayed and meditated for the purpose of bringing peace to the world on the international day of peace. Some of the 39 that came, came dressed in white for the International day of peace.  They also wanted to share this event with their churches, yoga studios, schools, and, anywhere they frequented! The day was stunningly beautiful for such a lovely event, like a blessing.

Pods for the Homeless Being Built as We Speak

Ryan Scientific in Green Cove Springs is building these small dwellings in the shape of a small A frame shape home, these pods for the homeless are 10′ x 16″ or 160 sq. feet. Ryan Scientific calls these “Tru-Home”. These Tru-Homes are not just for the homeless, they are also possible to use for victims of disasters, portable first aid stations, and so on. First Coast.TV had a chance to sit down with Dale Ryan and his wife Nissa to talk more about the evolution of this project and the future potential of it.

For more information call 941-350-3342