St Augustine Tonight Season 5 Show 3

An incredible night of entertainment on January 25th. Our guest were Lisa Lambka of Re-Chic Unique Boutique, Aria Mckenna of the Global Cooling Project Productions, Moliere Dimanche of GIPECA Productions, and Mariachi Primera Costa as our musical guests. Special appearances by Jule Meyer (Jule Art Tours) and Shannon Hart (Vecto Vision).Check out the show here.

St Augustine Tonight Season 5 Show 2

Once again on Jan.18th we had wonderful show, with guests Gayle & Floyd Phillips, Jackie Hird, Joe Snowberger, artist Fabio Manuel and musical guests Yael & Gabriel. Please enjoy and subscribe

St Augustine Tonight Show Opening Night

Opening night of the St Augustine Tonight Show was on January 11th at the Lincolnville Museum & Cultural Center. in St Augustine, FL. Our guests were Amy Goldin, Yvette Monell, Bob Blaize, comic relief by Morgan Gallo and musical guest Caribe Groove. Come and watch the show online.

Verdi’s “La Traviata” Comes to St Augustine

On December 31, 2021, and January 2, 2022, the opera by Verdi “La Traviata” will be presented by First Coast Opera at the Lewis Auditorium in St Augustine, FL. Curt Tucker will be the conductor, and stage direction  will be by Helena Binder. First Coast.TV got a chance to speak with Curt Tucker about this production.

The Circus Returns

St Augustine Tonight Show had the chance to sit with the man behind the Venardos Circus, Kevin Venardos. We sat under the circus tent the day before the big show started its run.(Dec.18 -Jan 2) We let the cameras roll, and we spoke of the circus of course, the pandemic, family and some great news about the future of the Venardos Circus. Enjoy and get tickets for the Venardos Circus and the St Augustine Tonight Show Season 5 starting Jan. 11, 2022.

St Augustine Tonight Tickets Available Now

St Augustine Tonight Show tickets are now available on the First Coast.TV website ( The St Augustine Tonight Show rolls out its 5th season, January 11th thru April 5th 2022, at the Lincolnville Museum & Cultural Center (2nd Floor) every Tuesday night at 7:00pm, there will be parking and a cash bar, so get your season or single tickets.

St Augustine Tonight Show Looks for Musicians

The St Augustine Tonight Show Season 5 is starting January 11 thru April 5 of 2022. The show is looking for musical performers, solo, duo or band. All the info is in the video, need the info before December 10, 2021. If picked, I will fill you in on the details.

“Dark Tales Of The Old City” Comes to St Augustine

Dark Tales of The Old City centers around some of St. Augustine, Florida’s lesser known haunted stories. First Coast.TV sat with the team that has already started filming and got to pick their brains about this awesome project.

“We Are The 14th” is up and running

A new website We Are The 14th ( is up and running. It revolves around the 14th amendment in the US constitution. Please like and subscribe to this website and check out our interview with film maker Bao Tran and his upcoming film Paper Tigers.

Wonderful time on The Scott Grant Show

First Coast TV had a wonderful time on The Scott Grant Show, where we spoke about many topics, local and national. The show was taped on 5/13/2020.