Peace on a Beautiful Day

Sunday, Sept. 20th was a beautiful perfect day, and a lovely day to celebrate diversity, unity and peace.

Mosquito Control Builds Big into the Future

We spoke with Dr. Eddie Fleming at the building site of the new headquarters for Mosquito Control, coming in March 2016. He explained the future of Mosquito Control once this state of the art complex is finished. The future is coming, and it looks bright. Beware mosquitoes!

John Culver and the Film: Who Owns Water

John Culver engages in conversation with First Coast.TV, talking about the environment in Florida and the upcoming film at the Corazon Cinema “Who Owns Water”.

God Bless The Bees

The St Johns County Beekeepers Association had open hive demonstrations at the St Johns County Agricultural Extension Center this last Monday, July 6th at 5 PM.
First Coast.TV and other attendees got to see the Bees up close and also got a chance to taste the honey they make. Bo Sterk and others explained to us the world of the Bees in synopsis form. This was not only a great learning experience, but also great fun. Sadly we take these little creatures for granted.
The open hive event gives us the knowledge to understand why we need to respect and admire these busy little Bees, no pun intended.

Mosquito Control and much, much more.

Anastasia Mosquito Control had a sort of an educational open house on Thursday evening, June 25th. You got to see the different types of equipment used to combat mosquitoes. You also got to hear professionals speak about insecticides, ants, bees, organic herbicides, Anastasia State Park, turtles and much more. State Senator Travis Hudson dropped by for support. First Coast.TV was there and can say that the crowd was very pleased and felt very educated on the different subjects covered.

Anastasia Mosquito Control District and Jeanne Moeller

Derek Hankerson sat down with Jeanne Moeller and had a conversation about the Anastasia Mosquito Control District. Its present and its future.

Mosquitoes are insects with two wings. There are over 3,500 different species of mosquitoes found in the world; over 77 of these species are found in Florida. Forty-three species have been found in St. Johns County, each of which has a different habitat, behavior and preferred source of blood. About 10 of these species are most common and are vicious biters of man and animals in our county. Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance as biting insects, but are also involved periodically in transmitting diseases to humans and animals.

Anastasia Mosquito Control District’s mission is to protect and educate us.

For more info go to:

A March for Ocean Justice – St Augustine, FL

The march, organized by the Environmental Youth Council of St Augustine, is part of an effort to urge the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management and President Obama to reverse the decision to open the East Coast to seismic blasting and oil drilling.
Floridians of all ages participated in this march this last Saturday, March 7th.

Fishermen vs Marine Sanctuary

Local fishermen and others, related to the fish industry in St Johns County, came to a room near the St Augustine lighthouse to ask questions, related to the possible nomination of a marine sanctuary that would extend from Jacksonville to Cape Canaveral.Conservationists and environmentalists tried to answer the question of fisherman who wanted to know more on how this would affect their lively-hood, and if this meant more regulations on them.The meeting was passionate, as both sides expressed their pros and cons on the issue. It seemed that both sides agreed on not wanting oil exploration or drilling in our area, but the conversation will continue in order to try to find a middle ground on all the issues related to this possible marine sanctuary.

Solar Vessel Visits St Augustine

ReThink Energy Florida joined the solar-powered “Ship of Imagination”, the Archimedes in its Cruise Aid for a Sustainable Florida, a grassroots effort to raise public awareness about important energy issues in the Sunshine state.

The Archimedes is the world’s largest solar powered concrete boat and a mobile demonstration platform for renewable and sustainable technology. It is on a historic passage, navigating the entire “Intracoastal Waterway” of Florida powered exclusively by solar energy.

FirstCoast.TV had the opportunity to see the vessel pull into St Augustine’s Municipal Marina and get on board.

Living Off The Grid

FirstCoast.TV checked out a home near the beach that is off the grid, with a well for water and solar panels for electric. We take a tour inside and check out the space and materials used to build this home that once was a shipping container.