St Augustine’s Saint Patrick’s Parade 2015

The parade started at 10am, and Saint Patrick blessed us with a beautiful day. Full of kilts, bag pipes, floats and everything that makes a St Patrick’s Day parade exceptional was there. Grand Marshall this year was St. Augustine’s founder, Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles (portrayed by Chad Light).
The parade traveled down Orange Street to Avenida Menendez (the bayfront), then to Cathedral Place, next on Cordova Street, then back to Orange Street. Spectators arrived early to claim a spot along the parade route … then followed the parade to the Celtic Festival at Francis Field. Tons of people and a lot of great fun.

Whisky the Celtic Way

The day before St Augustine’s St Patty’s Parade (March 13th, 2005) a whisky tasting event took place. It featured premium brands of whisky and took place under tent #2, at Francis Field. Robert Burns filled the tent with music as he played the Dulcimer, a very pleasant Celtic sounding instrument.

The Chalupa Meets the Water

A nimble, utility longboat, known as a chalupa to the Spanish of the 16th Century, was an essential craft of the early Spanish explorers and settlers. It allowed them to off-load larger ships, crossing the sandbars at the mouths of inlets, to explore shallow creeks, and land soldiers, arms, and equipment ashore. This was especially convenient in the early days of St. Augustine, due to St. Augustine inlet being very shallow with ever-changing sand bars.

The design for this boat comes from a well preserved marine archeological find in Red Bay, Canada [link]. This contemporary era craft was used by Basque whalers, as a pursuit long boat and gives an idea of the speed with which it could be rowed by its crew.

While a smaller, open deck rowing boat, it could be equipped with sails and was seaworthy for long coastal and even open sea travel. Built with 10 oars, a rudder, and two masts, this versatile craft is the first building project of our replica boat yard on waterfront at the Fountain of Youth Archeological Park. This first boat is to be finished in time for the 450th Anniversary of St. Augustine in September, 2015.

We’re Christening the Chalupa at 3:00pm March 22 at the Fountain of Youth.
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Mayor Nancy Shaver’s First 100 Days

Mayor Nancy Shaver of St. Augustine sat down with Jorge Rivera from FirstCoast.TV, and talked about her first 100 days in office. City issues, the 450th and much more, was part of the conversation.

Niger Innis, CORE, and Putnam County Tea Party

Niger Innis,
Executive Director of the Congress on Racial Equality (CORE)

Niger Innis, Executive Director of Congress on Racial Equality (CORE) and National Civil Rights leader, visited Putnam County’s republicans, democrats and independents, and was warmly received as he spoke to a large group of people, some came as far as Palm Coast.
The meeting was hosted by Putnam County Republican Executive Committee and Putnam County Tea Party. Niger Innis spoke to the crowd and did a Q and A. Later he was interviewed by Derek B. Hankerson of FirstCoast.TV.

A March for Ocean Justice – St Augustine, FL

The march, organized by the Environmental Youth Council of St Augustine, is part of an effort to urge the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management and President Obama to reverse the decision to open the East Coast to seismic blasting and oil drilling.
Floridians of all ages participated in this march this last Saturday, March 7th.

The Joyner’s Honored as the 2015 Community Award Recipient

On March 06, 2015, Caring Hands – Caring Community and BayView Healthcare will host their annual Celebration of Caring Fundraising Luncheon celebrating 95 years of service. The luncheon will be attended by local community leaders, volunteers and extended family of the BayView Healthcare community. “At BayView Healthcare, we believe sharing is caring. This has been our tradition for almost a century. Why? Because caring for the infirmed and promoting healing connects us with the deeper resources of life and meaning, connects us with each other, and connects us with ourselves,” stated Dr. Larry Lake, Executive Director / CEO of BayView Healthcare.
This year Caring Hands – Caring Community is proud to recognize and honor Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Joyner as the 2015 Community Service Award Recipient. Dr. and Mrs. Joyner give generously of their time, talents and resources to make our community a better place. Serving the needs of children through education, both are a bright examples of the spirit of the “Caring Hands – Caring Community” Community Service Award.

Adam Morley and District 24

On April 7th there is a special election in Florida and district 24 is one of the seats up for grabs. First Coast TV was able to meet with Adam Morley and have a candid conversation about his campaign for that seat in the Florida State House of Representatives. He speaks frank and easy on the issues related to district 24.

Menendez Gala Night at the Lightner Museum

The City of Augustine celebrated Pedro Menendez’s birthday with a Gala Night that had the feel of a carnival in Venice. Artists, performers and guests mingled and enjoy an evening of food, drink and music. This event was special for the reason that we had a group of officials from Aviles, Spain, the birth place of Pedro Menendez the founder of St Augustine.

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A Gift from the City of Aviles

City officials from St Augustine, FL, and Aviles Spain got together at the Visitor Information Center to receive a gift from Aviles, Spain. The gift is an exact replica of the ship the “San Pelayo”. This was the flagship that brought Pedro Mennedez of Aviles to the coast of Florida, to then establish Saint Augustine, and the rest is history.

Mayor Nancy Shaver of St Augustine, FL, and Mayor Pilar Varela Diaz of Aviles, Spain, were present for this important event. After receiving the gift, the two city mayors signed an Obelisk Art 450 resolution proclaiming that Compassionate St. Augustine and Compassionate Aviles are initiating a joint Obelisk Art 450 public art tribute to the 450th.

The joint project will consist of an artist exchange where a St. Augustine artist will travel to Aviles, Spain to paint one of the city’s obelisks in March.

Sometime this year, Aviles will send an artist to St. Augustine to do the same.

FirstCoast.TV got a chance to have a word with both Mayors about this gift.

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