A Gift from the City of Aviles

City officials from St Augustine, FL, and Aviles Spain got together at the Visitor Information Center to receive a gift from Aviles, Spain. The gift is an exact replica of the ship the “San Pelayo”. This was the flagship that brought Pedro Mennedez of Aviles to the coast of Florida, to then establish Saint Augustine, and the rest is history.

Mayor Nancy Shaver of St Augustine, FL, and Mayor Pilar Varela Diaz of Aviles, Spain, were present for this important event. After receiving the gift, the two city mayors signed an Obelisk Art 450 resolution proclaiming that Compassionate St. Augustine and Compassionate Aviles are initiating a joint Obelisk Art 450 public art tribute to the 450th.

The joint project will consist of an artist exchange where a St. Augustine artist will travel to Aviles, Spain to paint one of the city’s obelisks in March.

Sometime this year, Aviles will send an artist to St. Augustine to do the same.

FirstCoast.TV got a chance to have a word with both Mayors about this gift.

For more info go to www.staugustine-450.com or www.compassionstaugustine.org/

David Toscanini Plays the Piano

FirstCoast.Tv got to interview David Toscanini who plays regularly at Centro Piano Bar on King Street in St Augustine. Reporter Adriana Danzilo got to ask him some questions about his playing and his music.

For an event contact David Toscanini at 386-538-1894

David Toscanini Toca el Piano

Adriana Danzilo entrevistó para Primera Costa TV a David Toscanini un artista cuyo arte es el piano. Su historia personal con el piano y sus gustos en la música que toca, fueron algunas de las preguntas hechas al artista.

The Oscars come to St Augustine

The Corazon Cinema & Cafe in St Augustine, FL, organized a lovely gala night for the Oscars, Sunday Feb. 22. They brought out the red carpet, photo shoots, champagne and more. The event was sold out and FirstCoast.TV was there to cover this wonderful celebration of the Oscars. The attendees had a feeling that they were part of the big party in Hollywwod.

Those attending were wondering if they should reserve their seat for next year, since this is the first time, and it was absolutely delightful.

Castillo by Candlelight – Through the Darkness

Castillo by Candlelight
Saturday, February 21, 2015

Through the Darkness

Through the use of interpretive vignettes, exhibits and conversation, visitors learned about some of the major historical figures and events that have defined the African experience in St. Augustine while exploring the Castillo de San Marcos by candlelight.

The attendees where taken from the present St Augustine, to 450 years into the past of African-American history in this area. From Martin Luther King Jr.to the slaves that came south from British colonies in the north to find their freedom in Spanish Florida, the event was a treasure of history and self discovery as a collective of cultures and races.

Compassionate St Augustine

The Corazon Cinema and Cafe in St Augustine, FL was the place of an event related to the Compassionate St Augustine project.

Caren Goldman the Executive Director of Compassionate St Augustine introduced author and speaker Stephanie Cassatly. Stephanie Cassatly went on to share her story of forgiveness with the audience and First Coast.TV was there.

Later she took Q & A from the audience and shared some thoughts on Desmond Tutu remarks on revenge and forgiveness.

Fishermen vs Marine Sanctuary

Local fishermen and others, related to the fish industry in St Johns County, came to a room near the St Augustine lighthouse to ask questions, related to the possible nomination of a marine sanctuary that would extend from Jacksonville to Cape Canaveral.Conservationists and environmentalists tried to answer the question of fisherman who wanted to know more on how this would affect their lively-hood, and if this meant more regulations on them.The meeting was passionate, as both sides expressed their pros and cons on the issue. It seemed that both sides agreed on not wanting oil exploration or drilling in our area, but the conversation will continue in order to try to find a middle ground on all the issues related to this possible marine sanctuary.

Tribute at Castillo de San Marcos

February 16, 2015, St Augustine, FL

A tribute to does who paved the way for this generation of African-Americans was held at Castillo de San Marcos this morning and into the afternoon.

Also a recitation of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address by a young lady, was a great hit with the attendees.

Comisión Gullah Geechee se reúne en San Agustín, Florida

Comisión Gullah Geechee se reúne en San Agustín, Florida.
13 de Febrero del 2015.

El objetivo principal de la comision es mantener viva la cultura y reconocer la importancia de las contribuciones hechas por estos africanos americanos. Éstos se establecieron a lo largo de la costa de Carolina del Norte, Carolina del Sur, Georgia y el norte de la Florida.

La Comisión es asistir a los estados, gobiernos locales, el público y entidades privadas en estos estados a interpretar la historia de los Gullah Geechee y preservar su folklore, sus artes, su música y sus artesanías.
También la Comisión asistirá en identificar y preservar sitios históricos, artefactos y otros objetos asociados con los Gullah Gechee para el beneficio y educación del público.

Colonial Grand Muster Torchlight Parade

Colonial Grand Muster Torchlight Parade on Saturday night.

The parade began at 7 p.m. at the Castillo de San Marcos and headed to the City Gate across Avenida Menendez at Orange Street.

The parade route from there was south on St. George Street to the Government House and the Plaza de la Constitucion.

The event was a re-enactment of a Spanish military parade of the 1740s.