Buffalo Soldiers of Florida

John Russell gives Derek Hankerson a history lesson on the Buffalo Soldiers, and their role in the US Military. Mr. Russell is a wonderful source of knowledge and his passionate deliverance of it, brings history to life in a very special way.

Dr. Smith, Florida and the American Revolution

Dr. Roger Smith met with Derek Hankerson at a book signing of his book ‘Hope of Freedom” at the Fountain of Youth, this last Saturday. He was able to articulate many facts that are not known about Florida’s role in the American Revolution.

He explains the goal of his book “Hope of Freedom” and his view of how history should be available and taught to the young.

Sir Francis Drake’s Raid on St Augustine

On June 6, 2015 the City of St Augustine goes through a re-enactment of he raid of 1586. Here are some highlights, as the battle rages through the heart of the old city, ending at the Cathedral Basilica..

Compassion Through the Eyes of Children

St. Augustine is Florida’s First Compassionate City and the Obelisk Project is part of the process.

The mission is to influence, inspire and grow a culture of compassion in St. Augustine through advocacy, awareness & action. The meaning of compassion, was interpreted by St. Johns County students, as they unveiled their obelisks last night, as another leg of Compassionate St. Augustine’s public obelisk art project.

Over 400 students in 28 schools participated in painting and decorating 4-foot obelisks that are now visual representations of compassion awareness.

The project is part of the Obelisk Art 450 initiative where 25 professional artists were selected to express their interpretations of the foundational values of the Spanish Constitution — freedom, democracy, human rights and compassion.

You can see Cycle Here Media’s full video on Vimeo  Click link below

Compassionate St. Augustine, Obelisk Art 450: Compassion through the Eyes of         Children

Archaeology and St Augustine

First Coast.TV’s Derek Hankerson spoke with archaeologist Carl Halbirt and Misha Johns at their center in St Augustine. They talked about the ancient world of artifacts under St Augustine, and the process of collecting, identifying, and picking an area to excavate. They also shared their most interesting find.

Minorcan Monument Dedication

On Saturday, April 25, Derek Hankerson with First Coast.TV covered the Minorcan Confederate Monument Dedication at the San Lorenzo Cemetery in St Augustine, FL.

The dedication and unveiling was to honor the Minorcan soldiers who fought and died for the Confederacy at the end of the American Civil War and whose graves are unmarked. Let First Coast.TV’s video and photos reflect the solemness of this event to the attendees and to our history as a nation.

Speakers included:                                                                                                                   Carol Lopez Bradshaw – President of the Minorcan Society                                          Jessica Sizemore – President of Children of the Confederacy                                           Jim Davis – Commander FL Division Sons of Confederate Veterans.

The event was hosted by The Ancient City Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, the William Wing Loring Camp Sons of Confederate Veterans and    Lee”s Legacy Children of the Confederacy.

Dr. Chester DePratter and Dr. Denise Bossy and the Yamassee Conference

Derek Hankerson had an opportunity to sit down with Dr. Chester DePratter, University of South Carolina and Dr. Denise Bossy, University of North Florida and discusss The Yamasee Indians from Florida to South Carolina Conference, which was held at Flagler College on April 17-18.

Dr. Bossy and Dr. DePratter were the organizers of the conference held in St. Augustune. Additionally, they were both very enthusiastic about the conference and had much to share.

They mentioned this was the first conference of its kind and they are working on a book to tie the history together and they both have the conference very high ratings.

450 Years of St Augustine in Posters Part 2

First Coast.TV sat down again with Warren Clark to talk about the Posters that are everywhere in the city of St Augustine as it continues its 450th celebrations. He continued to talk about the history and stories behind these illustrations.

The posters are beautiful and the history on them pops out with its colors and drawings. In this part 2, we end with a slide show of some of these posters.

Yamasee Clan from S.C. to FL Visit St Augustine

On April 18, 2015 Derek Hankerson sat down with his “cousin” Chief B (Hidden Eagle) of The Yamasee Nation during The Yamasee Indians from Florida to South Carolina Conference, which was held at Flagler College in April 17-18.

The conference consisted of academic, research, scholars and archeologist who have studied the Yamasee and Africans people to include: the archeology of Yamasee in Northeast, Florida, settlements in South Carolina, Yamasee conflicts, Yamasee relations with Africans in Carolina and Florida, Yamasee mission sites in St. Augustine and Native America Confederacy.

The conference was attended by local and out of town guest who have an interest in Native American History.


Patterns of Resisting Anti-Semitism………

Professor Keith Schlegel spoke on Patterns of Resisting Anti-Semitism, the Inquisition to the Shoah: an Historical Overview at St. Augustine Jewish Historical Society Meeting, on April 16th.

“Dr. Keith Schlegel, Professor Emeritus of English (Frostburg State University), discussed Patterns of Resisting Anti-Semitism, the Inquisition to the Shoah: an Historical Overview as the St. Augustine Jewish Historical Society marked Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Memorial Day, April 16th at 7 p.m. The gathering took place in the Flagler Room on the first floor of the old Ponce de Leon Hotel, 74 King Street, St. Augustine, on the Flagler College Campus, from 7 until 8:30 p.m. This event was opened to the public. All were welcomed. There was no charge.

After the lecture First Coast.TV got to talk to Dr. Keith Schlegel.