450 Years of St Augustine in Posters Part 1

First Coast.TV sat down with Warren Clark to talk about the Posters that are everywhere in the city of St Augustine as it continues its 450th celebrations. He talked about the history and stories behind these illustrations.

The posters are beautiful and the history on them pops out with its colors and drawings. This is part 1, so please stay tuned for part 2.

Mr. Ste. Claire and Our Wonderful Tapestry

Dana Ste. Claire spares a bit of his time to explain to First Coast.TV what the Tapestry is all about. We find an incredible variety of rich history, and find out how unique and important is St Augustine’s place in world history.

In Search of the Chalupa

The Chalupa was moved from the Fountain of Youth to the St Augustine Municipal Marina on March 28th. The crew rowed the boat and did it with style and class, Pedro Menendez of Aviles would have been proud.

The Golden Way Project and Civil Rights

The Golden Way, led by Joe Marx, is an arm of the St. Augustine Film Society and a partner with Compassionate St. Augustine. Its mission is to show films that discuss social themes with the hope of giving attendees a better understanding and appreciation of the differences that make up the human family.
“Children of the Civil Rights” was presented, free of charge to the public, Sunday, March 22nd at 2:00 p.m. at St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church. The film was followed by a discussion with Director Julia Clifford.
This documentary depicts the events surrounding the peaceful sit-ins by young people at Katz’ Drugstore in segregated Oklahoma City in 1958.

Chalupa Christening at Fountain of Youth

St. Augustine’s Maritime Heritage Foundation marked the completion of a major project as they christened their hand-built 16th-century-era chalupa today March 22, 2015, at the Fountain of Youth, St Augustine, FL.

This is the first building project at the Maritime Heritage Foundation’s replica boat yard on the waterfront at the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park. Volunteers have been working on this replica workboat for the past three years. The chalupa will be featured in St. Augustine’s 450th anniversary celebrations later this year.

The weather was perfect for the event, and crowds came to support the event. People in period dress, food, sangria, Spanish music, it was truly a christening turned into festival.

Chalupas are long utility boats that were used extensively by early Spanish explorers and settlers. They plied the waters between the larger ships and the mainland, crossing sandbars and navigating shallows to off-load soldiers, arms, and equipment.

Founders Day at Fort Mose

On March 21, First Coast.TV caught up with James Bullock who portrays Captain Francisco Menendez at Fort Mose State Park for founders day.

Founders day highlights Governor Manuel de Montiano granting Francisco Menendez and his men their freedom and proclaiming the founding of a new town to honor the free black residents of St. Augustine and it will be know henceforth as Pubelo de Gracia Real de Santa Teresa de Mose.

Captain Menendez pledges on behalf if all black subjects to support and defend St. Augustune. A church is also built at Mose under the orders of Governor Montanio by Francisco Frair, Don Joseph de Leon.

Fort Mose is the site of the First Free Black Settlement in North America and exists 2 miles north of the city if St. Augustine.

The Chalupa Meets the Water

A nimble, utility longboat, known as a chalupa to the Spanish of the 16th Century, was an essential craft of the early Spanish explorers and settlers. It allowed them to off-load larger ships, crossing the sandbars at the mouths of inlets, to explore shallow creeks, and land soldiers, arms, and equipment ashore. This was especially convenient in the early days of St. Augustine, due to St. Augustine inlet being very shallow with ever-changing sand bars.

The design for this boat comes from a well preserved marine archeological find in Red Bay, Canada [link]. This contemporary era craft was used by Basque whalers, as a pursuit long boat and gives an idea of the speed with which it could be rowed by its crew.

While a smaller, open deck rowing boat, it could be equipped with sails and was seaworthy for long coastal and even open sea travel. Built with 10 oars, a rudder, and two masts, this versatile craft is the first building project of our replica boat yard on waterfront at the Fountain of Youth Archeological Park. This first boat is to be finished in time for the 450th Anniversary of St. Augustine in September, 2015.

We’re Christening the Chalupa at 3:00pm March 22 at the Fountain of Youth.
For more info go to www.staugmaritimeheritage.org

A Gift from the City of Aviles

City officials from St Augustine, FL, and Aviles Spain got together at the Visitor Information Center to receive a gift from Aviles, Spain. The gift is an exact replica of the ship the “San Pelayo”. This was the flagship that brought Pedro Mennedez of Aviles to the coast of Florida, to then establish Saint Augustine, and the rest is history.

Mayor Nancy Shaver of St Augustine, FL, and Mayor Pilar Varela Diaz of Aviles, Spain, were present for this important event. After receiving the gift, the two city mayors signed an Obelisk Art 450 resolution proclaiming that Compassionate St. Augustine and Compassionate Aviles are initiating a joint Obelisk Art 450 public art tribute to the 450th.

The joint project will consist of an artist exchange where a St. Augustine artist will travel to Aviles, Spain to paint one of the city’s obelisks in March.

Sometime this year, Aviles will send an artist to St. Augustine to do the same.

FirstCoast.TV got a chance to have a word with both Mayors about this gift.

For more info go to www.staugustine-450.com or www.compassionstaugustine.org/

Castillo by Candlelight – Through the Darkness

Castillo by Candlelight
Saturday, February 21, 2015

Through the Darkness

Through the use of interpretive vignettes, exhibits and conversation, visitors learned about some of the major historical figures and events that have defined the African experience in St. Augustine while exploring the Castillo de San Marcos by candlelight.

The attendees where taken from the present St Augustine, to 450 years into the past of African-American history in this area. From Martin Luther King Jr.to the slaves that came south from British colonies in the north to find their freedom in Spanish Florida, the event was a treasure of history and self discovery as a collective of cultures and races.

Tribute at Castillo de San Marcos

February 16, 2015, St Augustine, FL

A tribute to does who paved the way for this generation of African-Americans was held at Castillo de San Marcos this morning and into the afternoon.

Also a recitation of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address by a young lady, was a great hit with the attendees.