Anna Meets the Poets

Anna Miller came to the Ancient City Poets reading on Sunday January 27th at the Corazon Cinema & Cafe in St Augustine. She met some of the poets for the first time. She thanked them for being part of her “Refractions” exhibition at the rotunda of the St Johns County Administration Building. The poets likewise thanked her for incorporating another form of art as poetry in her exhibition and allowing them to express themselves through her art. The poets read all the poems that are sharing a spot with her work at the rotunda to a packed house at the Corazon. It was truly a lovely afternoon. “Refractions” will be displaying till March 15th 2019.

St Augustine’s Poets Meet

The Ancient City poets are a loosely knit patchwork of poets who gather in St. Augustine on the last Sunday afternoon of each month to host a free community open mic reading at The Corazon Theater and Cafe (located at 36 Granada Street ). The microphone gets turned on at 3 pm and readers are encouraged to approach the podium and share their words when the spirit moves.  Also those who love poetry come to listen. The reading concludes when everyone who wishes to share has done so. First Coast.TV got a chance to speak with Chris Bodor about the group.