Local Reaction to First Presidential Debate

Flagler College at the Gamache-Koger Auditorium in St Augustine, FL showed the debate on the big screen to a crowd mostly of democrats from the student body, though there were some Trump supporters and undecided voters among the crowd. At times the crowd would react to something said by the candidates as if they were spectators at a boxing match. First Coast.TV spoke to the attendees before the debate and after to get the vibe of the crowd.

Adam Morley Speaks Issues

Adam Morley spoke with First Coast.TV about issues as election day nears. Adam Morley is running for Florida State House #24. We spoke at a place that is dear to his heart and childhood, Princess Place Preserve in Flagler County.

A Conversation with Dave Bruderly – Congress District 4

Professional Engineer Dave Bruderly is a 42 year resident of North Florida. Dave earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Engineering & Transportation from the United States Merchant Marine Academy in 1969 and his commission in the US Navy. He earned his Master of Science in Ocean Engineering from Columbia University, NY in 1971. Dave is passionate about preserving our clean air and conserving the water resources and ecosystems that sustain Florida’s high quality of life. He has worked his entire life as an environmental consultant, clean fuel entreprenuer and advocate for more sustainable and renewable energy systems. He is running for Congress District 4, First Coast.TV had a conversation with him about his plans if elected in November.

St Augustine and the Paul Ryan Connection

First Coast.TV ran into a bumper sticker that was promoting the idea of dumping the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. The investigation took us to a gentleman from our area, Derek Hankerson. He is from St Augustine, but he is in Wisconsin campaigning for Paul Ryan’s opponent Paul Nehlen. We spoke through Skype and this is what he had to say……..

St Johns County Republicans and Trump

First Coast.TV had the chance to speak to Cindi Sharp-Volunteer Chair, St. John’s County, Derek Boyd Hankerson-Chairman Putnam County Tea Party Chairman and volunteer Northeast Florida Regional Director Trump for President and Bob Smith-Republican Committeeman.

We talk about the Trump victory in Indiana and what to expect in the Trump campaign to become president.

The Presidential Preference Primaries Are Upon Us

The 2016 Presidential Preference Primary Election (PPP) is part of the nominating process in Florida for the United States presidential elections.  In the PPP, voters registered with one of Florida’s major political parties express their preference for the presidential candidate they would like to see representing their party on the General Election ballot in November.

After the PPP, designated political party delegates from Florida formally nominate the preferred presidential candidate at the respective party’s national convention. These national conventions are typically held in July or August. Based on the party rules governing delegate voting procedures, the party decides at the convention which presidential candidate will represent the party on the General Election ballot.

Florida’s PPP is on March 15, 2016. The deadline for voters to register to vote or update their party affiliation for the PPP is February 16, 2016. Eligible voters can vote in the PPP by mail (absentee), by voting early, or by voting at the polls on Election Day.

Listen to Vicky Oakes the Supervisor of Elections, goes through the information you should know.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Political Forum

Local residents represented two Democratic Presidential Candidates – Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton on Monday evening (Feb. 15th).  Questions were posed to both of the representatives by a moderator and they presented their understanding of the candidates’ positions, while not in a position to speak directly for their candidate.   Members of the audience also had the opportunity to pose questions.

Shirley Rawls, President of the local Democratic Women’s Club will represent the platform of the Hillary Clinton Campaign and 

Carolyn Wolfe, a political activist and local Bernie supporter, will represent the platform of the Bernie Sanders Campaign. 

Brian Nelson, a former News Anchor with CNN and Communications Executive living in St. Augustine, will moderate this forum.

Whether you were a “Hot for Hillary” or “Feel the Bern” or undecided between the two candidates, the opportunity to discuss the politics that separate the two candidates or find out where they are in agreement was laid out at this forum.