The high profile billboard across from the Publix on the island of Anastasia reads “Islam Bloody Islam. Doomed by its doctrine.” This billboard has brought negative international attention to St Augustine, FL, a city with a wonderful reputation of hospitality and tolerance . Members in our community decided on Sunday to have their moment of “freedom of speech” concerning that billboard, and First Coast.TV was there to witness it.

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  • Anne Kraft 6 years ago

    A wonderful intro to this piece, Jorge! There always has been distrust and hatred of those who are “different”….until enough time has passed and they are no longer “different” but have become one of us. Thank you for reminding us of this. And thank you to those who were out there Sunday speaking out for those of us who DON’T distrust and hate a whole group because of the extremism of a part of that group.

  • Anas Benjelloun Imam of the Islamic Center of Saint Augustine 6 years ago

    Thank you Jorge Rivera from the bottom of my heart for this great coverage. I admire your perseverence in being always there when it really matters. Thank you Compassionate Saint Augustine, Thank you Commissioner of Saint Augustine Beach Andrea Samuels. Thank you to all who came from every house of worship, human rights, and civil rights group. Thank to all the clergy and community leaders. You have shown the true face of Saint Augustine that I personally know, Caring, Loving, and Welvoming. You have stood up United for Truth, Justice, and Dignity for All.
    May God bless you and keep you steadfast as champions of Truth and Justice.

  • Warren Clark 6 years ago

    Really inspiring, Jorge. You are a wonderful gift to this community. It is important that we find concrete ways to support your work here.

  • Maria Balesh Benjelloun 6 years ago

    Thank You Jorge for this beautiful and moving video. Also thanks to Becky Williams for starting the petition and all her help. Thanks to Compassionate St. Augustine and everyone who was at the rally and who have been supporting us .Freedom of religion should be for all,without any exception! Muslims are doing great things for our country such as feeding the homeless, disaster relief and free health clinics. My wish is for the world to learn the real Islam from true Muslims and from the Quran. Not from what they see in the news about groups who do not represent Islam and definitely not from a hateful billboard!


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