First Coast.TV with the help of Daniel Sampiero, went to meet Josh Collins who is paddling about 3500 miles. He is on a mission to help millions of veterans. Josh Collins vision is simple, to accomplish a record setting voyage that is both dangerous and epic as a demonstration of resolve and sacrifice in support of the 24 million plus veterans of this nation.Veteran Voyage 360 represents the longest journey a soldier takes as he or she separates from the military after service in combat, and transitions into civilian life. Regardless of the length of service, whether 4 years or 24 years, returning to normal life can be a difficult struggle, and especially for those suffering from the physical and psychological wounds of war. The past 14 years of sustained combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq have taken its toll on this all volunteer Army, and the biggest indicator of this is the historically high suicide rate throughout the services. The number of soldiers and veterans taking their own lives now accounts for more than 10 times the number of casualties overseas.

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  • Anne Kraft 7 years ago

    Wonderful coverage of this amazing man’s journey! Love the choice of music … so very touching!

  • LTC (Ret) Steve Muskett 7 years ago

    I had the privilege of meeting Josh and his wife and saw their dedication to this mission. I got to spent some time on the water with this true American hero. We shared stories of our time in the Army and the brothers we have lost. This is an incredible journey and Josh is an incredible man.
    Stay Strong Brother and thank you for raising awareness to combat related injuries and the difficulties associated with them.


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