One of 18 videos that can be viewed on the official PAM Jam website. The website is a hub of information featuring news on how to get involves with future editions of PAM Jam in Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra, and how to donate to the PAM Jam cause: financial scholarships for musicians displaced and impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak.

Loretta Leto, PAM Jam Coordinator: “The vision for PAM Jam is to have poets, artists and musicians collaborate and partner with organizations in their community to inspire artistic expression, provide hope and healing, and help local businesses recover from a worldwide pandemic,” said Coordinator Loretta Leto, “The original focus was on hospitals, schools, and nursing homes, but really any organization that wants to do a PAM Jam should contact us through the website.”

Cindy Wilson, PAM Jam 2020 Artist Coordinator
“For most of the artists, myself included, the artist-poet pairing was our first exposure to a cross-discipline collaboration. The “how” to approach the process was purposely undefined, encouraging each pair to explore uniquely, and has opened new creative pathways for many of the artists. For me, the experience has been profound. I was paired with poet Antonette Libro. Her keen observations and choice of words in her poetry continues to inspire and nudge me into previously unexplored subjects.  I am so grateful to be involved in this project.”

Chris Bodor, PAM Jam 2020 Poetry Coordinator “I am so blessed to be a part of the inaugural PAM Jam.”

  • Chris Bodor 2 years ago

    Jorge, thank you so much for the spotlight. This video is the feel good story of the year. Every second in priceless. I love your work and what you do for the local St. Augustine arts community.

  • Kerry Fradley 2 years ago

    This is a great interview and delightful project. Thank you Loretta Leto for inviting the St Augustine Youth Chorus to be a part of the project

  • Loretta Leto 2 years ago

    Jorge – thanks so much for being a partner of PAM Jam and supporting the arts in our community! This video is delightful and will surely spread Joy to the World!


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