The response was so good at our sold-out debut Sept. 29 at the Corazon Cinema & Cafe, that we are doing another performance here in Saint Augustine on Thursday, December 1st / 7:30pm at The Pioneer Barn. 

“The Shooter” – Subtitle: Gun Violence in America. We believe one of our “national shames” is the ever-present recurrence of gun shootings where the innocent are wantonly or accidentally shot and killed.

In “The Shooter,”  a TV impresario making a documentary with her husband “Bill”, who also portrays nine other people (Police, Lawyer, Doctor, parents, etc.) whose lives have been drastically effected by gun violence.

 “Joan” wants to get rid of all guns and “Bill,” is a Second Amendment fan.

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  • Chris Bododor 6 years ago

    Three cheers for Lee Weaver. His work never disappoints.


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