In an atmosphere of Celtic music brought to you by Jig to a Milestone, and belly dancers from Blue Lotus Belly Dance, Dos Coffee and Wine was packed with those you love Steam Punk art in all its flavors. The evening was merry, full of awe, artists, conversation, laughter and of course music. An evening to remember.
The art show was created and executed by Ashlee Raven of Raven Promotions and Social Media, and Ward Hughey of Bleeding Tree Entertainment. The duo hope to make the Old City Steam Art show an annual event.

Categories: Art, Featured
  • Ashlee Raven 6 years ago

    The turnout was amazing and everyone enjoyed themselves! Thank you Jorge for the amazing coverage and coming out to enjoy the show with us!

  • Victoria Van Arnam 6 years ago

    Awesome! Great shots of Jig to a Milestone!

  • Karen Salle 6 years ago

    Great job Ashlee. You’re amazing. Great event.


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