St Augustine Tonight Season 4 Show #6

With a packed house we were able to have a wonderful show, starting with Jazz stars Lisa Kelly (vocalist) and JB Scott (Trumpet), Joseph Boles, Jr. (four times St Augustine Mayor), Shannon Hart (multiple Emmy winner) and the wonderful tunes by I-Vibes. Let us not forget comic relief by the very funny Zach Bennett.

St Augustine Tonight Season 4 Show #5

When your guests are Bruce Horovitz the author of a great book on Gamble Rogers, Melissa Ross from WJCT’s First Coast Connect, Roger Bansemer, TV producer, fine artist, author and explorer, the Jaguar Legends organization founders Tony Gardner and Jonathan Fichter, and musical guests the The Obscure Brothers (Bob Patterson and Charley Simmons), and to top that a packed house, wow! you have a powerhouse of a show.

Shabby Events and The Corazon Team Up

The Corazon Cinema & Cafe is excited to team up with Gorgeous Shabby Weddings to create affordable and memorable wedding and event packages to help celebrate the most important affairs in peoples lives. ​

Oscars at the Corazon

The Corazon Cinema and Cafe had its sold out Oscars celebration party at the Corazon. This event is truly a spectacular one, filled with fun, trivia, wonderful food, and lets the champagne just flow freely.