St Augustine Music Festival Begins

St Augustine Music Festival 2017

June 15-17 & June 22-24 / 7:30pm

The St. Augustine Music Festival was founded in 2007 by Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra members Jorge A. Peña (viola) and Jin Kim-Peña (cello), with the invaluable participation and support of many other musicians and the local community.

Concerts are held at the historic Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine. Concerts are free and no tickets are required, however, seating is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

First was able to capture some of the highlights of day one, Thursday.

St Augustinians Go to “Rubio Empty Suit Town Hall”

St Augustinians took a trip to support the Indivisible”Rubio Empty Suit Town Hall” in Jacksonville this last Wednesday, May 31st. A good size crowd talked to a Trump impersonator, and an empty suit that represented Senator Marco Rubio, wanting both to confront issues that seemed to be of great importance to the attendees of this Town Hall. First Coast.TV went to see what this event was all about.

SOFAR Comes to St Augustine and Joins Global Music Scene

Sofar Sounds is a global, grassroots network of artists, hosts, and guests, all with the goal of helping to bring the magic back to live music. They curate secret, intimate gigs in unique spaces, from living rooms and churches to hoodie shops and fancy furniture showrooms. They aim to create performance spaces that are respectful to artists, where the audience lives in the moment and listens closely to the music.

They started as a hobby in London back in 2009, became a business a few years ago, and have grown into a global community of music lovers, supporting thousands of artists around the world, putting on hundreds of gigs every month across hundreds of cities.

Sofar is an expanding network of artists and music lovers. It is the first in St Augustine, and now our city is one of almost 360 cities around the planet that are part of this community driven music movement. Next live music event is in June, check out  their website below, and see if you can get into the next event.

A Visit to the St Augustine Aquarium

Developing the St. Augustine Aquarium, Snorkel Adventure and Zipline has been a labor of love for founders Shawn and Kathy Hiester. They have been passionate about marine biology since they were kids and are thrilled to share that passion with their community through a viable and sustainable public aquarium.

Shawn and Kathy spent two years traveling the country to tour aquariums and meet the dedicated people who make them work. They also assembled a team of experts to not just build a business, but to use the aquarium as a vehicle for research, education and thoughtful discussion about the state of Florida’s marine habitats. They established relationships with marine research universities and organizations in support of their mission: marine conservation through education.

First Coast.TV was able to talk to Shawn & Kathy and visit this wonderful aquarium.

St Augustine Ballet’s “Alice in Wonderland” Captivates the Imagination

On May 13th and 14th, Saint Augustine Ballet’s newest original production, Alice in Wonderland, came to the Lewis Auditorium. Artistic Director Luis Abella explained, “Children have always related to Alice – her curiosity and her bravery in the face of a bewildering new world. For this show, we have brought together an exciting mix of contemporary dance styles and eclectic music that will appeal to adults just as much as children.”

Artistic Director Luis Abella

Choreography by Emily Masson. A musical score sourced from all over the globe – from classical and romantic, to American jazz, steam punk, North African percussion, and exotic middle-eastern strains, the music had something for everyone.

Tap dance and choreographer, Jenne Vermes

Costumes by Parisian-native, Virginie Lorang-Woodward.

Head of scenic and lighting design, Robert O’Leary

St Augustine Romanza Festivale Days 11, 12, 13 & 14

The Romanza Festivale of the Arts is ten days of historical, cultural, and creative events that celebrate all things St. Augustine. From May 5 to 14, 2017, the nation’s oldest city is jam-packed with music and dance concerts, living history events and historical tours, live theater, and much more. The Romanza Festivale includes more than 60 events and exhibits (many of them free) that showcase St. Augustine’s historical and cultural heritage. First Coast.TV went out into the city to film some of the highlights of May 11, 12,13 & 14.

St Augustine Orchestra Performs at Lightner

St Augustine Orchestra played at the Lightner Museum Antique Courtyard on Thursday, March 2, 2017, 8 p.m.

Theme: Along the Danube and the Rhine

Guest pianist, Scott Watkins performs Mozart’s Piano Concerto

Other Features:

Rienzi: Overture
Marriage of Figaro: Overture
Symphony No. 9, “From the New World”
and pieces from Schumann, Schubert, Liszt & Brahams
The Producers by Mel Brooks