St Augustine Tonight Season # Show 1

By popular demand First Coast.TV will run the St Augustine Tonight Shows of Season 3 on the First Coast.TV website. The first show taped March 7th, 2019 at 7pm at Garrett Eclectic Home Decor was a smashing success, with a packed house, laughter and thunderous applause. Guests were abstract painter Anna Miller, Gatsby organizer and founder of STArtNow Sway Di Feo, and musical guest The Metro Band led by Ron Marshall.

St Augustine Tonight Show Prepares 3rd Season

The St Augustine Tonight Show prepares for its 3rd season. The season starts on March 7th thru May 30th /2019, every Thursday night at 7pm. The venue for the show is Garrett Bros. Eclectic Home Decor off SR 312 (1764 Tree Blvd #4, St. Augustine). The show is taped in front of a live audience, there is no admission charge to be part of the audience. Here are some of the highlights of the last two seasons.

St Augustine Tonight at St Augustine Distillery

St Augustine Tonight Show with your host Jorge Rivera will be taped this coming Wednesday, 6:30pm, November 1st, at the St Augustine Distillery. Do not miss it, and be part of the live audience. Our guests are Scott C. Gregg, Music Director and Principal Conductor of the Saint Augustine Orchestra, Neil Armingeon with the Matanzas Riverkeeper, and musical guest Chillula. Check out previous shows of season one and two on our Youtube channel : and subscribe.

St Augustine Tonight Show Starts Season 2 Fund Campaign

St Augustine Tonight Show starts a campaign of asking for participation in getting the second season ready, by setting up a Go Fund Me to collect contributions that will allow the show to continue. The target dates for the 13 upcoming shows are from Sept. 22nd to Dec. 15th 2017.