World renowned painter Harry McCormick will display his artwork this summer (July 3rd – Sept 20th) in the St Johns Administrative Building’s Rotunda, at 500 San Sebastian View, St Augustine, FL. This exclusive event is sponsored by the St Johns County Cultural Council and supported by a grant from the Crisp-Ellert Fund of NE Florida. McCormicks works can be seen Monday thru Friday 8am – 5pm, starting July 3rd.
The opening reception will be Tuesday, July 17th at the Rotunda of the St Johns Administrative Building at 8:15 a.m.
McCormick is noted for his realistic paintings with focus on light and shadow. There will be about 40 of his masterpiece works on display and among them the series related to pubs and bars from London to New York to Chicago to other parts of the world. St Augustine with its last exhibition of German painter Susanne Schuenke, and now Harry McCormick, is becoming a place to see world art at its finest.

To learn about Harry McCormick go to:

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