Thinking Small: The Amazing Miniature World of Thomas Rahner,  which is a retrospective of St. Augustine resident Thomas Rahner’s small boat building skills.

Thomas Rahner, a native of St. Augustine, is a Professor Emeritus of Flagler College with 35 years of teaching experience. Rahner, a U.S. Army veteran, was the founder of the Theater Department at Flagler College, where he also served as a chairman for 31 years, and retired around 1998, when he took up a more leisurely avocation of building models of trains, planes and ships. During his latter 13 years as a college professor, he constructed exact replicas of play sets for the Limelight Theatre before each production. So transportation model building was no challenge.

The exhibit is being displayed in the Lightner Museum East Room, located on the Mezzanine level.

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