Veteran’s Day Grand Parade 2017 in downtown St. Augustine.  The parade began when the church bells rang and a cannon salute from the fort to honor the military history of St. Augustine and all those who serve and continue to serve our country.  It was about an hour and included historic military vehicles, military units, military marching bands, local high school bands, vintage and military aircraft flyovers, military aircraft on display beside the fort.

The Parade began on  Orange Street at 11:00am, the parade continued east on Orange Street, south on S. Castillo Dr./Avenida Menendez, west on Cathedral Pl., north on Cordova Street, returning to Orange Street near Francis Field.  The parade was presented by the Veterans Council of St. Johns County and the Ancient City Chapter of the Military Officers Association in America.  Our Veterans Day Parade this year was focused on our local heroes who have served our nation.

  • Judy Davis SFC Retired Army 5 years ago

    What a wonderful video. I was unable to attend this so it meant a lot to be able see it. Thank you!!

  • Michael Isam 5 years ago

    Thank You for your work Jorge!
    I was not able to attend!


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